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Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter
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Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter 1.0.7 apk, update on 2016-01-13
HEADSHOT! Breathe slowly, put your target in your sight and fire when ready.
Make your way through over 55 unique missions and learn to calculate wind and distance in order to master your customized weapon!

• Fully customizable weapons!
• 55 Unique missions!
• Easy Controls!
• Animated Cut Scenes
• Gripping Storyline
• Blood and Gore Animation
• Wind and Distance Calculation
• Cool game world
• The follow up to "Clear Vision (17+)" & "Clear Vision 2"

FREE TO PLAY! The third installment in the "Clear Vision"- series is free to play! Take out your targets with clean shots in this award winning sniper adventure!

• Tyler lives a good life, a murderous hitman during the day, loving family-man at night. He has become the success he always dreamed about, but someone is on his trail and threatens to ruin it all...

• AIM AND FIRE! Breathe slowly, pick up your rifle, put your target in your sight and fire when ready.

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Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter APK reviews

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Firebird Harris review Firebird Harris
Pretty good
So far, you have to wait to get energy back, which with the odd premium mission is how they make their money I guess. But its easily on par with the precious versions and its very welcome distraction from other games. Hopefully the missions will keep on rolling (or repeating) instead of the game just ending without being able to get all the weapons.
Joseph Brennan review Joseph Brennan
Fun at first...
Good gameplay with great mechanics, but the level curve is far too steep and it takes way too long to keep your rifle mods current and realevant to the available missions. It took days to get one part (without spending any money to do it), then the current missions adapted to become harder once i had it, so it was for nothing (in East Sleaze). If something was done to fix this steep leveling curve to a much more moderate rate then this could be a 4 star or better game. Lots of mods parts, only 3 rifle type
Caleb Badick review Caleb Badick
Enjoyable, but a Sell-Out
The game is definitely fun and requires some form of skill, but it relies too much on micro transactions even from the start. Not to mention the energy system being far too easy to waste and time/money wasting to recharge. If this were a proper game the need for these would be much more balanced, but unfortunately so many developers fall to greed these days. I suppose if you still want to have some entertaining and decently challenging gameplay, this is still good for that
Thomas Sperry review Thomas Sperry
Good but...
One of the biggest things I liked about this series is that it was never riddled with microtransactions. This is no longer the case. Instead of buying the game, it's free; except now you need "energy" that runs out very quickly as missions require more and more. Upgrades are increasingly harder to buy. You want my support? Don't strong arm me into thinking the only way to progress through the game this decade is by buying more & more upgrades.
Ryan Kaufman review Ryan Kaufman
At first it's quite fun
The first two areas are fun and slowly grow in challenge. The third area is when you decided to milk the upgrade necessity. I won't be playing anymore as I need to upgrade half my gun with two extra steps to properly shoot. Oh well. A gradual difficulty and upgrade requirement is fine. This is not gradual, and it screams of "Buy target points to make it easier"
Leo Glover review Leo Glover
Game has become so much better
This game is a great follow up to CV2. It has a great story line and wonderful animation and graphics. My only downfall is the beginning, CV had been know for there cut scenes and they instruct you not to skip, but the opening scene plays up until Tyler walks to the door and then it kicks me out......I'm really upset about that. Other than that, can't wait until CV4. Very well done CV, very good!
LAVA monster review LAVA monster
For some reason my achievements have skiped, I've gotten the qualifications for a bunch of the achievements but haven't been awarded them. If that could get fixed or tell me what I need to do then that'd be cool. Other than than this is a 5 star game all day long! Great time killer to kill 5-10 minutes at a time.
Michael Ramirez review Michael Ramirez
Great game. But theirs one mission where the guys are cutting down the forest and it say's (make it look like an accident.) (Also when you do a new game you dont keep your money it restartes you with 2,500 dollars not with the amount you had in the before the new game like it says.) I shoot the tree branch to fall on the guy but it still says mission faild. Great game but just fix thoues little tweaks and it will be perfect!!!!
Committee South review Committee South
***Update - I bought a 50 pack of targets but it never got applied. I emailed screenshots of the receipt and a shot showing it was never applied. I have yet to receive a response on a refund. Terrible customer service. Despite the app force closing at the start. My experience has been pretty good. I don't like the mission that require you to purchase something to play them. But that's all part of the Mobile experience at this point. But overall, great continuation of 2 already great games.
Andrew Vergeson review Andrew Vergeson
Played this game about a year ago nd still a fun little time killer! Just wish you didnt have to bother with the energy in the game. I know it keeps you playing longer but i feel if you could just progress through the story unhindered it would be slightly better. Still all around great game!
Bird Harris review Bird Harris
So far, you have to wait to get energy back, which with the odd premium mission is how they make their money I guess. But its easily on par with the precious versions and its very welcome distraction from other games. Hopefully the missions will keep on rolling (or repeating) instead of the game just ending without being able to get all the weapons.
Daniel Tierney review Daniel Tierney
The game is very good, the story line is nice and the gameplay is pretty good. I can't say that much is left to be desired, although, having stickmen as the characters is a bit of a cop out. They're a cheap way to make people, I would like if, even if it was simple, I would like the characters to have some more texture added to them. Other than that a very good game!
Preston Rubow review Preston Rubow
Overall a very fun game. However, I bought the 50 extra tokens and then another 15 but after I bought the fifteen extra it says I only have 15. I tried emailing me support email but that was 3 days ago and I haven't heard back from them yet. All I'd like is either a refund or just the tokens I bought. A very fun game but because of this issue only 3 stars
Sam Bernstein review Sam Bernstein
Pretty good game. Takes a long time to get through the game because so many things require waiting. All in all it's fun but it would be better if the red cross hairs weren't so essential to the special missions but hey--they've got to make money somehow.
Ethan E review Ethan E
after the first few missions it feels like the game slows way down to the point that I had to spend several days waiting for free crates and doing jobs that require you to wait a specific amount of time just so I could buy a gun upgrade to make a mission possible to do. it feels like the only way to really advance at any decent pace is to buy their version of coins/gems/whatever.