Clash of Crime Mad City War Go APK

<span >Clash of Crime Mad City War Go</span>
Clash of Crime Mad City War Go 1.0.8 apk, update on 2017-08-14

Clash of Crime Mad City War Go APK reviews

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So dope... I thought it would be boring but you guys proved me wrong.. And the use of martial arts in this game is so dope... Big ups and respect to the programmers
v. v virat vaibhav review v. v virat vaibhav
I am fine with me and I Have been in the bank how to make a friendship for a few days and then I would like to be the first to review the following link to a rahi ha ha kya kar rahi hu but the only thing is
I hate whoever made this game and they need to be in prison for life for making people play dumb games and a waste of time don't ever in your single life download this game or else you'll be in the world of pain of Destruction please don't just don't for your own safety and it's out of your vocabulary
Matt Foster review Matt Foster
Its fuckin gay, stupid bakwas butthole faggot game. Only for dicksickers, so do not download this unless you are a dicksucker
Oudalone Souphanthavong review Oudalone Souphanthavong
I mean it's fun but not because when.U tap the cop it won't fight him u need to fix it man
Amazing game it so amazing to play i loved but there is no bikes please add bikes also then it will osamm
Mr Franco 3 review Mr Franco 3
Seems fun so far
Not that far into it but will update after further play
Krish Das review Krish Das
love it
Austin Brown review Austin Brown
I like the game but...
Controls are a little clunky, ads every minute, crashes every 5 minutes... And the camera glitches a lot. Other than that I like the game but I'm gonna have to Uninstaller until the next bug fix because it takes up too much space.
Julian Facyson review Julian Facyson
I'll give it a four
Only a 4 because the game is really good and really unique but just one problem fix how you move in the game some time the camera ack weird when moving and kind of hard to control but please fix in next update its good though
cool_pug 11 review cool_pug 11
IT'S VERY NICE, but it would be better if the aim was better and not slower, you should add more guns to like a sniper also armor and better pysics to the game, and a bigger map with more entertaining stuff and add more different cars more different people and pls make it so I when I die I don't go all the way back pls!!!!! Bye and thx
Raghavendra Tembulkar review Raghavendra Tembulkar
Nice Game like GTA
This is a nice game like GTA but more and clear missions should be there and added for further excitement. New cars and bikes should be there to drive. My son operates this game very easily and effortlessly. I think this will help you to still improve this game more. Please update further improvement game.
muhammad amirul azral abdullah review muhammad amirul azral abdullah
Graphics is slow
Green Wolf review Green Wolf
Soo cool game I give 5 stars
1clash of crime is not so cool
Noah Smith review Noah Smith
when you kill someone there's like 20 fucking cops also this games lags so fucking bad. Don't get it. It's a waste of time!!!