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Clan of Dragons 1.2 apk, update on 2017-02-09
Dragons : the fantasy creatures we all love. In Clan of Dragons, you have the opportunity to control your very own dragons. Fly across the vast landscape while surviving against other fantasy creatures like the Cerberus, the Flying Monster, the 3 Tailed Wolf, giant Venus fly traps, and Dinosaurs. Part adventure and part simulation, this Dragon simulator will take you on an epic journey as you build your warrior clan, use your magic, build your brood, defend against enemies that attack, and ultimately defeat all the Super Bosses. Massive 3D open world style game.

HINT : Call your family members to help you when you are near other enemies.

**Control your own Fire Breathing Dragon!!
**Customize your dragon color
**Massive 3D Open World Map
**Caves, Mountains, and Rivers
**6 Giant bosses
**4 Enemy Warrior Clans to defeat
**4 Super Bosses
**4 Magic Spells - Fireball, Invincibility, Lightning Bolt, and Healing
**Flying Monsters, Venus Fly Traps, Giant Wolves, Dinosaurs
**Dynamic weather including snow and rain storms

The story begins by you finding all the members of your clan. Call the other family members when you need help against the enemies.

Find the magic spell books to unlock the special magical spells including: Invincibility, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Healing Potion. Earn adventure points by hunting and doing various tasks to upgrade and purchase magic.

Upgrade your powers to have stronger magical ability, become more powerful, and have stronger defense, and .

This is animal simulation like you have never seen it. Your favorite fantasy elements combined with realistic animal simulation.

Evolved is a series of games we created at Wild Foot. We would really like to hear from you. Come and stop by our Facebook page: for updates. Stay tuned for our new Epic Quest series soon to be released.

Be sure and check out our other 3D animal simulators. We understand that the game is by no means perfect and we welcome your constructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Good luck!

Clan of Dragons APK reviews

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RoseFire The Dragon review RoseFire The Dragon
HELP ME IM DYING XD ???? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
Lizzie Rueda review Lizzie Rueda
To many adds
Every time I get a add I die add I die add
Madison Poiry review Madison Poiry
Great but
Can you make it so we can do similar our dragon and the brood plz by then if viewable 300 *'s.
Dlera fox review Dlera fox
Dragons? U kidding me? Wow this is epic
Isaiah Smith review Isaiah Smith
Best one so far! Keep up the good work guys!
James Sullivan review James Sullivan
World war 4!!!!!
The Lu675 review The Lu675
Your almost there's what you need to know.
1# EVERY game that involves leveling should have a skill tree because perks drive players to play harder and enjoy their leveling experiences. ( You lose your fire breath? Really? ) 2# Don't just render the boss a different color, give us different bosses and attack patterns. 3# Reward your players for completion of challenging tasks keep us hooked. ( Exp is ok but isn't a great reward.) 4# Customization, customization, customization. We would like to see free skins and pay to play skins of various kinds.
bskinner22rianna review bskinner22rianna
So much potential
No story. No plot. No directions. Semi customizable. You can name yourself and color your dragon. Leveling up is confusing. Controls are basic and relatively okay. Abilities you have to purchase with in game currency. You don't keep them. Be careful exploring because you will get stuck. Your family members get stuck constantly and can only be summoned when in immediate danger, which you cannot gage properly. Honestly kinda unpolished, but I love the concept so much. Please keep updating.
aushja briggs review aushja briggs
Its good but............
Every time I walk 5 steps, it freezes & the whole screen goes coocoo ( all black). It makes the dragon sound when the screen goes coocoo. So I have to turn my tablet all the way off! & it takes like turn back on!! Any ways, good game! Fix it please!! And I'll rate 5stars!! I'm counting on you to fix it!! I know you could do it!...........,............
Lilliy Taylor review Lilliy Taylor
Really good but the ads need to stop
The game is great it has good graphics, and it acually works unlike other games I have played but the ads need to go. Every time you are attacked ads start popping up like crazy. I would recommend it but the ads are something to reconsider before downloading it.
mandy is was review mandy is was
It's OK
Well the promblem is that it is too short,when there is a add or something,lets say for example..i'm fighting a boss in the game and suddenly a add comes on,after its done i actually die. But i still like the game,just make it longer
Mohammad Elhaj review Mohammad Elhaj
Could be 5 stars.
After completion, there should be an option to restart the game while keeping the same stats. I basically made all other animals extinct and now it's just free roaming with no objective
doggy bone review doggy bone
This is a good game, good consept. Ok controls(recommend a fixed camera in sted of moving),I wish you could play online too,way to any ads, every time I fight an ad pops up 10 seconds later,good grafix, I wish family members would follow you though. Other then that. It's a good game. Please fix and I will rate 5/5 for every thing.oh and ps you should change the moving, and have anything you buy in the app, permenent. Thank you.
hogwarts supernatural review hogwarts supernatural
Great game 10 out of 10. One thing is how can I beat the cerbus super boss? I try to get up close to shoot lighting and the next thing I know im dead!!! I don't understand how to beat it! I have beaten the emntal super boss and the spider thing super boss, and the cerbus shoots fire balls at me when im like 30 someod feet away and he still shoots! Please help! Im on level 63!
Dragonfury Ledgonds review Dragonfury Ledgonds
There's a few problems like a random mushroom in the sky, most of the hills look extremely pixlized and the mobs on the map don't appear like needed. However it's an awesome game! The graphics are outstanding! Sunsets and rises are beautiful! Even the nights are beautiful. It looks so real! I love it! Please try to fix the problems the game would be even better.