City Drift Racer 2016 APK

City Drift Racer 2016
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City Drift Racer 2016 1.4 apk, update on 2017-04-13
Amaze everyone with your drifting and racing skills!

Are you a daredevil? Well it’s time to become one! Spiral into this adrenaline-rushing, racing simulation. Fasten your sports car seat belt--this game is for pros like you! Race your snazzy sportscar and BLAZE over city roads at rigorous speeds! Display your nerve skidding through dazzling city roads and landscapes. Dodge other vehicles like trucks and motorbikes through a realistic city environment. Use your skill to drift--kill those sharp corners! The best of all is, there are absolutely NO DRIVING RULES to follow! Power up after completing each level, and with a variety of sports drift cars to choose from, you can outdo your expectations. Boast your skills with new upgrades and explore the city with advanced features!

City Drift Racer 2016 Features:
•Simple and smooth controls.
•Unlock exciting environments.
•Enjoy the most epic gameplay.
•Use the Nitro Boost to drive at incredibly high speeds.
•Amazing 3D graphics With Amusing Sounds Effects.
•Realistic Drift car driving Experience.
•Amazing Racing & Drifting city Area to explore.
•Unique Car Upgradable features.
•Amazing Selection Of High Quality Sports cars.
•Engine, Brake and Boost Updates.
•A realistic and precise driving experience based on real car Drifting physics.

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City Drift Racer 2016 APK reviews

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Joeseph Conner review Joeseph Conner
William Klees III review William Klees III
Fun as hell!
Ayan Mirza review Ayan Mirza
I love this game
Mohsen Alizade review Mohsen Alizade
Denton Bramble review Denton Bramble
Loved it
Jerold Tolentino review Jerold Tolentino
I am Hated This Games Because of Drift Failed Cruse You Stupid Tapinator
Change you and You Gonna Pay For That
Aso Azad review Aso Azad
Justin Olmeda review Justin Olmeda
Not that bad
Its too slow and glitchy but all around love drifting
theadore simon review theadore simon
Beast car game I played before
Aisha Rehan Farooqui review Aisha Rehan Farooqui
Good game
Haroon Akhter review Haroon Akhter
I like this game is sick
Keola Zaneta review Keola Zaneta
Amazing car
How to drive all the cars. And the car are amazing!!
Mdanish Khan review Mdanish Khan
Very very bad games
Mustansir Kudrati review Mustansir Kudrati
A Google user review A Google user
not bad