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CIRCLINK 1.2.024 apk, update on 2017-02-23

The future humanity will live in a state of the art in which all resources are shared in the form of "information". The federal government develops nanoimplant devices to control and evenly distribute information, thereby developing a device called CONVERTER that accumulates and transmits information in the human brain.

However, the "resistance organization for the protection of human culture" that responds to the federal government defines the converter as "a thing that should not exist in the world" that interferes with human life, and it is a mechanically produced, unidentified NOISE And plans to hinder the operation of the converter.

The federal government developed a NOISE elimination project consisting of a lot of engineers, computer scientists, artificial intelligence, and a special NOISE eliminator, CIRCLINK, to remove the NOISEs that appear on the music. .

But CIRLCINK was not a device anyone could use. We needed precise techniques to find NOISE in music, and these manipulations required an excellent musical sense that was inherent in humans.

To this end, the federal government will hold a convention called "CIRCLINK", named after the device, with tremendous honor and honor to find talented people who are well qualified to handle CIRCLINK devices.


A network game rhythm action game developed for 2 years and 5 months since its first release in 2014 has finally been released.

CIRCLINK with various characters and high quality music provided by 30 composers from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China
New songs and new charts (chess) updated every week. And we will keep your eyes and ears entertained through the event.

If you have any questions about the game, please contact us at [email protected] or your Twitter account

FULSE business response time
11 am - 7 pm



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Rafadana Mountheira review Rafadana Mountheira
I've been waiting for almost a year and it is worth it
Jake Knippenberg review Jake Knippenberg
Waited a long time for it. Well worth it
Really good. Great rhythm game
Yihao Wan review Yihao Wan
A Brand new type of MUG, which is innovative and challenging! 6 stars!
Gabrielle Shin review Gabrielle Shin
All the texts in japanese! Need english please!
Matthew Velez review Matthew Velez
Needs Immersive Mode
A part of the screen is cut off due to lack of immersive mode. Using Google Pixel.
Pls Fix
The New Update Wont let me in the Game. Its stuck on the loading screen i waited for 5 minutes no response i tried to uninstall reinstall but no help. Pls fix
Chiro Emiya review Chiro Emiya
I'll give it 5* for the game flow. But the downfall of the game is the control. The timing is too strict and for me it might be better to put the sync line right at the middle (yes, as a point), and use the circle as cue time for player to hit the line. And also, give us english instruction. This game is on global play store, please at least provide us with english instruction.
The Jawns review The Jawns
This is my first review, however it's not going to be a very positive one. While the game itself is very good, and I have a lot of fun playing it, I feel like the game has some very problematic performance issues. At the beginning of a song it will be synced perfectly, and at the end I will have to deliberately hit the circles early just to have a chance of getting a perfect hit. This is not an issue I've had with any other rhythm game. And yes, I have tried messing with the option... Also a fully translated version would obviously be nice :P But apart from that, this is a really solid game, and I really hope the performance problems get fixed :)
Ezra Alfa review Ezra Alfa
Its will be perfect, if this offline game 😢
Rhi Wilson review Rhi Wilson
Even though the controls are easy to figure out, english instructions would be nice. Also, the circles are very hard to hit on time because are so small.
Velvette review Velvette
When will this be fully translated into English?
A Google user review A Google user
The New Update Wont let me in the Game. Its stuck on the loading screen i waited for 5 minutes no response i tried to uninstall reinstall but no help. Pls fix
Mana review Mana
The game's biggest design flaw is that it forces you to tap the central area of the screen. This causes you to place your hands in places where they cover up the lower portion, causing you to miss notes simply because you didn't see them in time. Maybe it plays better on phones, but it's just awkward when you're playing on a tablet (which is usually the definitive way of playing these games nowadays). Players shouldn't have to worry about these things during regular play. It's silly. Three stars means "Just OK", but it isn't, so two stars it is. Please pay proper attention to player ergonomics in the future. Yes, it is that important.
Al Charles review Al Charles
Controls with LG K3 sometimes inreponsive
L Mayor review L Mayor
bring in the fd4d my homie