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Chowka Bara is an indian traditional game( Katte mane, Ludo, Ashta chamma)

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Chowka Bara is a indian game where a maximum of 4 and minimum of 2 players can play. Each player will get 4 coins to move. Each player gets to play the dice one after the other and move the coins accordingly. Whoever moves all their coins to the centre box will be the winner. Coins move in right side of their home in the outer box and then enters inner boxes.

1. All the boxes with cross(X) are safe
2. If a player moves his/her coins to a non-safe box and if any other player's coins exits there before. That coin will be sent back to its home (Called as smash).
3. Dice will give 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 numbers
4. Player will get another chance to roll the dice if he/she gets 4 or 8 or if smashed another players coin
5. Can place only one coin in outer non-cross(non-safe) box at any point
6. Coin can only be moved inside if a player has smashed another player atleast once
7. The player who gets all his/her coins to the centre cross box will be the winner.
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