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About this product

Makes healthier living fun

Changers Fit description

With fun and games, nudging and rewards: live healthier, do good and protect the climate.

Changers is a digital platform for businesses. The Changers Fit App makes it easy to integrate health promotion into everyday life through playful motivation.

The Changers Fit App is a health app that can be easily adapted to any company according to their own ideas. No further software development is necessary. All adjustments can be made easily via the SaaS (Software as a Service) administration platform.

Playfully motivate

The secret to the success of the Changers Fit app is playful motivation. With just a few clicks, team competitions about running, cycling and healthier living can be set up individually. Teams are, for example, branches, departments, plants, subsidiaries or even freely selected groups. Current rankings motivate users to stay on track. The ranking can be based on steps, kilometers, CO2 savings or the number of coins earned.

Several options for recording routes

Participants can decide individually how the distances are recorded. Changers Fit app offers several options:

Manual route tracking using the phone's GPS function.
Fully automated route tracking with MotionTag Ai tracking
Connection with other apps, such as Strava or even wearables like Fitbit or Garmin
Connection with Apple HealthKit

Out of the box or customized

The Changers Fit app also offers the ability to educate employees about health-promoting activities and earn coins for participating. This includes, for example, workout videos, guided meditations, recipes or even information on occupational safety. There is a ready selection of activities to chose from, which can be individually supplemented by the company with their own information and measures.

Collect coins and receive great rewards

The Changers health platform includes its own rewards and bonus system. A coin is automatically generated for every kilometer walked or cycled. Companies can also reward participation in individual health-promoting measures with Coins. The Changers Fit app also offers its own rewards marketplace to exchange the collected Coins. Companies can also add their own individual offers to the rewards marketplace if they wish, for example vouchers for a fitness plate in the canteen, back training or cycling accessories.

Doing good together

The Changers Fit app combines workplace health promotion with corporate social responsibility. Companies present a social project that they support financially. Employees' achievements are rewarded by donations from the company to the social project. Tree plantings are another popular feature for making one's own achievements visible. The trees appear in an entertaining animation and are also planted in real life. Doing good together with every donation and every planted tree is motivating.

Battery power

The Changers app is particularly battery-friendly. Nevertheless, the consumption is higher when the GPS function is switched on than when the smartphone is in normal operation.


The software is of course GDPR compliant. The data is hosted in Germany. In addition, Changers has incorporated the requirements of the works and staff councils into the software development from previous contracts with German corporations. This includes anonymous participation without a clear name and company email as well as personally executable account deletions in the app.
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