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Job Listing Videos & Video Resume App

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95 ratings

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Post job listings and resumes for free! CazVid is a free job posting and resume app. The difference is all job listings and resumes are short 30 second videos.

With CazVid you can quickly and easily post and view job listings and resumes. Filter job and resume listings to your requirements. See a job you like or a job seeking candidate that interests you? Click “contact me” and start communicating in the app for free.

Looking for a job? Searching and applying for a job can be a daunting task. Navigating job listing websites, trying to find available job openings, filling out endless forms, only to upload a resume that will never be seen. You know that if you just had a chance to speak directly to an employer and introduce yourself you could get the job.

CazVid provides you that opportunity! Quickly and easily watch available job posts. See a job you like? It only takes 30 seconds to record a free video resume right in the app. Introduce yourself and tell the employer directly why you are the perfect candidate for the job. No more getting lost in a faceless sea of resumes. Just click “contact me” and message them directly!

Looking to hire? Finding the right job candidate can be a frustrating process. Posting job listings and sorting through resumes can be costly and time-consuming.

CazVid has the solution! With CazVid it only takes 30 seconds to record a job listing video. Simply explain the job requirement or record a quick video of the job itself. Have different positions that need to be filled? Post multiple videos - it’s free!

Not all jobs require a traditional resume. A quick introduction is all that’s needed to get the job process started. CazVid is the solution - Download now and get started!
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