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Carnet De Pêche
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Carnet De Pêche 1.8 apk, update on 2020-05-24
Carnet De Pêche Is an Application specifically developed by a fisherman For fishermen.
Thanks To Carnet De Pêche, you record all your fishing Sessions that you enrich with detailed information such As size, weight, Type of Catch taken.
You can also enter the Type of bait used And the results obtained. Adding photos allows you To keep a better memory of each session.

Carnet De Pêche generates complete statistics allowing you To better organize yourself from one session To another.
A lunar calendar integrating weather forecasts And ephemeris guides you in planning your Next session.

The database that you will feed in Carnet De Pêche Is offline, this data Is personal And remains local.


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Good fishing!