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With card2brain, you have free access to millions of existing flashcards, you create flashcards of your own in a browser or on the app and revise with your mobile while you are on the move. With card2brain, you can compile sets of flashcards together with your friends, share them amongst each other, set up learning groups, and comment on or rate the other users’ flashcards. You create and study your flashcards on different devices, on card2brain.ch or offline, whether you are on the train or waiting at the bus stop, at school or at work, so that your flashcards and the learning progress are always up to date no matter where you are.

Systematic Learning
With card2brain, you review the flashcards systematically according to Sebastian Leitner’s principle of spaced repetition in five compartments. Once all flashcards are in the last compartment, you are ready for the exam. The three types of answers, the picture upload feature, the formula editor, and the possibility to reverse the order of learning make studying in all fields of knowledge easy and fun and in no time, you will become a foreign language professional.

Mobile Learning
With the card2brain app, you always have your flashcards handy wherever you go and you can study inexpensively offline. Efficient learning units that are automatically synchronised with your web profile shorten your daily travel time and waiting periods. Responsive web design enables you to use card2brain.ch perfectly also in your mobile’s browser.

All additional Features for teachers and flashcard fans, entire schools, companies, classes or teams can be found on the web platform http://card2brain.ch/features/index?lang=en
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