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City Racing Lite
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City Racing Lite 2.8.5017 apk, update on 2020-07-02
#1 Free 3D Car Racing game! City Racing Lite Released!
Incredible small size, Real racing competition, Mad tricks and drifting, Online Battle your friends using WiFi connection! Driving Ahead, Race to Win!

• Super cars
• Easy controls
• Mad car drifts
• Real racing competition
• Upgrades and customize extreme cars
• WiFi Multi-Player racing be supported
• Small size game but really good graphics and effects
• whole new level speed racing game!

Lite Version Notes:
For serve more game players, we developed this lite version which can support more Android devices. Get the full version, please download # City Racing 3D #

Thanks for your supporting. We will always keep improving.

City Racing Lite APK reviews

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Neil John Feliciano review Neil John Feliciano
Well the 20 diamond is a lie but here is the thing you said that IAP will remove the ads I already purchase two times and yet there are still ads. The game is good and I love it but you should be true on what you say. I already spend on other games and they are giving me what they promised to give once I spend money on their game. Fix the system and be true to your customers.
Steve Wagner review Steve Wagner
Ads are ridiculously annoying, some are always expected but these guys are off the chain with overkill, constantly pressuring to spend. May have spent on it if i didn't feel i was being forced just to play. Deleting this game, and the 20gem bribe for a 5* rating is a lie. This dev blows! Avoiding any games they create in the future. Peace Out!!!!
Vinu Vin review Vinu Vin
Hate this game... though things are nice to play and making is all good.. . Show is full of money minded n commercial hidden elements, u need to buy coins, full of ads which is disturbing... Just for the sake it's Free free ... Game should be just a game which has peace of mind n easy going n user friendly..
Daniel Lopez review Daniel Lopez
Amazing This is the best car racing game i have ever played on my devices. Everything thing is really cool but this gsme could be better if ads reduce, so, please fix my problem. I am giving 5 stars now but i will rate 4 if you dont look after my problem. Anyway all 9f you doing a great job. ???
Oluwatosin review Oluwatosin
the game is awesome but it's highly difficult to get diamonds and purchase car. After spending several time trying to accumulate coins, you will realize it's an hercules task and then giving up will set in unless you are willing to use your real cash to buy diamond.
Roy Sarmiento review Roy Sarmiento
I have 21000 points on this. But you reset my status to start... You consume all the points i already have, And all the cars up to bumblebee... You definitely fixing the game. Dont do it again. Despite the best controls of the game and graphics... You are fixin the game in some other ways. DONT DO IT...
A Google user review A Google user
Excellent game a must download for all u racing game fanatics. The only flaw i see that almost every game has is the adds, I just HATE the adds, if that can be fixed then there's absolutely nothing bad or wrong with this game
Tiara Dalton review Tiara Dalton
I just downloaded this game and its the first time playing it, but so far I like this game. The graphics are good. So far I wish you didn't have to use diamonds to get a new paint job. But I do enjoy this game. Once I play it longer I'll come back and give it a new rating
Sarfraj Ansari review Sarfraj Ansari
Reward price provided is too less, we have to play several times to purchase new car, which feels booking. There is also unnecessary advertising reflecting on screen which is irritating, Overall it's gud.
Mega Waffle review Mega Waffle
Great graphic, controls are OK, but way too many ads. Everytime you push something an add pops up. I'm not joking either. Had to uninstall because it was too annoying.
jai vashist review jai vashist
For rating 5 star in return u get 20 othe r reason for rating dem 5....and den also didnt get 20 diamonds. Interrupted by many adds.
Jossy Philip review Jossy Philip
This is an unfair bussines minded game.. Need to spend lots of money to complete it and contains lots of adds.. Every one is rating 5star due to the fake promise made by them that they give 20 gems
Sesario Tila review Sesario Tila
I like the game but ...adds??? Too much way too much adds guys. I didn't enjoy playing when these adds keeps on popping up. Oh and another thing...i rated your app 5 stars and you didn't give my reward...where is it. M uninstalling the app now.
abdullahi sani review abdullahi sani
City Racing
This is my kind of game. So far is the best car racing game therefore, i give it five stars
Aaron Burg review Aaron Burg
It really helps me with getting ready to drive later on. Whenever I complete 1 challenge, another one even harder comes. The controls are fine and it's fun to play whenever I have free time.