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Cannon Hero
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Cannon Hero 2.3 apk, update on 2018-07-23
Join Rocket Boy as he saves the world from evil forces!
Tap and hold to target the evil trooper, then release to shoot.
Aim at the evil trooper's head to score more and get rewards!
Shoot three headshots in a row to enter Fever Mode!
Enter the FEVER MODE and go for the ULTRA KILL!!!
Be careful though, ONE WRONG AIM; YOU DIE.
Don't fret, you can unlock fearless heroes along the way!
Are you still up for this mission?
Cannon Hero is the newest addictive game by Orangenose Studio
— the team behind the #1 game Hardest Game Ever 2!

Cannon Hero APK reviews

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Bobert Baratheon review Bobert Baratheon
It's difficult at first but it's easy to get the hang of aiming. I just wish that the enemy missed sometimes as well instead of instant death. Good game though
Matthew Koble review Matthew Koble
First thing this game does when you boot it up for the first time is ask whether it can make and manage your PHONE CALLS. No mobile game needs that permission. This game has something fishy behind it. Install at your own risk. Yes, you can deny it access, but I don't want a game on my phone that even requests control of my phone calls. The game may be amazing, I didn't get that far.
Pim Langhorst review Pim Langhorst
Liked the game. But within 1/2 hours playtime i unlocked every character, therefor there should be added more and more expensive characters. Then this app will get 5 stars
rust zeal review rust zeal
Great game lots of potential , but I completed all the characters just in one day. Hope to add more. Try to add some levels or places, reaching higher scores will change the game's visual BG and audio as well, and it should be unlocking other character that will suit in that level. Example: i got to score 100, i arrive on a volcanic level and unlocked a magma blaster wielding dragon. It will drastically change this game. It will show the world of each character and taking players to different places. :D
pepelovesyou review pepelovesyou
make this game more awesome by giving it a online multiplayer game,give SOME HP to the warrior so that it can survive few shots, make a symmetric maps in multiplayer mode ,if you make it :p. all this changes won't be possible in this so advice you to make its part 2 and add all these features. Have a nice day:)
Cassius Sherwin review Cassius Sherwin
Overall, a fun game for sure. However, as many other reviews have stated, it feels like it's missing something. Whether that be character upgrades (increased projectile spread, ability to buy armor for +1-2 health, etc.) or a new game mode outright (arcade, free play, practice mode, etc.), it does need just a little more to feel like a complete game. If even one of these ideas is implemented, I will guarantee an updated 5-star review. If, say, all of these ideas were implemented, I would heavily consider buying the game outright simply due to care from developers.
Michele review Michele
With the Love Ranger if you shoot lower possible the game does not receive that you missed the target and it does nothing. Not a big bug but I thought it could be helpful. It is a good game, fun and fast so that I can play few minutes at time! Nice job!
Giraffe Football review Giraffe Football
The game progresses very quickly and you can unlock new characters with ease. Its not like those games were you have to play for hours just to unlock a character. After you've done everything, the game gets quite repetitive but still fun. Great Game!
Dillon Kline review Dillon Kline
Would be better if you could play this game in landscape mode as well as portrait.. Narrow screen makes it difficult to judge target. Aiming fast is OK fast but wouldn't it be better if it came back after hit the max arc to give a second try if it carries too far?.. Just sayin
Fahim Akhter review Fahim Akhter
Love the game. The characters the detail but it gets too easy after you've got them all. Made me lose interest in it. If it had more content and more weapon types could go longer. None the less the core gameplay is really enjoyable and addictive.
Mohd Subhan Mansuri review Mohd Subhan Mansuri
There should be a health bar and you can upgrade your health with coins and when you die you can get a chance to play from the same spot same score by watching a ad. Btw the game is very good,simple,cool graphics and I loved it very much and it is very addictive game I have already got addicted
Alex Gonzalez review Alex Gonzalez
Im trying to beat my brothers record using the marauder, but one of the people was on the ground, no tower at all, and I couldnt shoot him with the marauder because the missles go upwards. So that was impossible to do. And I was so close to beating my record
amgad suleiman review amgad suleiman
Ads aren't really bothersome, game play is simple, but yet addicting. Like how you don't have to pay to win persay. You can easily get enough coins by playing the game to unlock the characters. Each character has a different type of play style which makes the game more strategic.
James Loggins review James Loggins
I feel like a lot more could be added but it's is extremely fun. FOUND A GLITCH: if you use the marauder and shoot up in the air and wait for it to say miss pause and reload then the guy on the tower will shoot you and make you spin in the air and you can still shoot and if you hit him you can move on without a character.
kresnawan putra review kresnawan putra
I like it, I can't stop playing this in my breaktime. But, everytime I plays, I get bored soon bcz there is no ending except you die, there is no winner. I will give u 5 stars if u do my suggestion in the next update.