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Let you track weather information anytime, anywhere.

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Camp Weather description

Real-time temperature and weather
-Display the temperature and weather type of the corresponding location in real time.

Accurate hourly weather forecast
-Master the daily weather dynamics, calmly prepare for travel.

Extreme weather warning
-Send you severe and extreme weather warnings to help you prepare for upcoming weather changes.

Detailed weather information
-Not only can you get temperature and clock information. You can check the humidity, visibility, UV index, air pressure, wind speed, sunrise time, and sunset time in different units.

Global weather information
-This accurate weather application allows you to add global cities to the list and get real-time local weather forecast information. Take this weather app with you wherever you go!

Exquisite weather widgets
-Different exquisite widget styles are included in the application, you can choose your favorite style and appearance, and the effect is better with the wallpaper.
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