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Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter
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Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter 3.2.5 apk, update on 2020-08-24
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Dinosaurs emerge from the ancient forest after hiding for decades. As a descendant from a great hunter family, you continuously hone skills towards your desired goal in order to stand up to your father's expectation. Now it's time to prove yourself.

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• 21 flashy weapons
• 24 exciting boss fights
• 5 characters with unique specialties
• 50 distinct quests
• 32 savage dinosaurs
• 50 achievements
• 50 collectable items for crafting and upgrading weapons
• Choose from 50 powerful skills to customize your character

Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter APK reviews

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DarkDea review DarkDea
Add more dinosaurs like sarupods and just more dinosaurs. And make a other game where u choose any dinosaur that has existed. And go around making Dino buddies and defeating humans. U can customize the colors too. Just an idea. Hope u do it. I've been looking for one just like my ideas and u have great grafics and animation.
Colm McKeever review Colm McKeever
I want to play with my friends online but I can't. We try pressing start at the same time on co-op but it won't work as there are too many people playing. Maybe you could press a "join friend" button and type in the friends user name. Other than that I love it ?
The Pixelated Pug review The Pixelated Pug
This game is epic! And plus, its the only one beside infinity that does not have zombies in it! And better than all, it has working multiplayer! 5 stars. :D just one thing, plz add respawns, I don't wanna die and haft to wait for the round to end
jbeezy922 review jbeezy922
This game is pretty dope, but if you want to make it better you need to make Co op mode where I came play a match with friends that I know. Have a friend's list so that I can invite ppl to play in my match instead of random ppl. That will be epic
Kyo C.Yeow review Kyo C.Yeow
I am Malaysian.But working at Singapore.When I 1 play Singapore.after I go back Malaysia I can't load my id(like new game).When I back to Singapore my previous I'd was back so....I need u to improve like sync with Google plus or game is 14/10/2016 still no return my previous I'd, plus return to me asap
Choua Vang review Choua Vang
Galaxy Note 5 Update: full inventory, cannot select items as it sets the display to swiping to the next screen. So cannot select and sell items, inventory is full and cany get or sell anything. Please fix this bug, this game is fun and addictive. Found a short term solution to the problem. Use 2 fingers to tap in the stash inventory and it will almost be easier to select an item and sell
Garristown GFC OsKaRs review Garristown GFC OsKaRs
Buffsoldier is the way to go with ur fiver ha ha! Thanks anyway! The nurse rang me earlier. Sorry! Out golfing didn't press send on the way, I have to play later on with the calf? I have a line of the driveway and the words of the driveway and the words of the driveway and the words of the driveway and the words of the shanks the morning and afternoon, but I am a beautiful, I have a quick email
Dubstepxav review Dubstepxav
Please! I love it! More guns, please stop crashing, make Stage 5 easier, versus mode, friends, and finding usernames! Plus WHY DO WE HAVE TO LOSE HUNTER LEVELS WHEN WE LOSE IN CO-OP????!!!! Plus, bug, where a boss or dino walks through walls (sometimes) but it really doesnt hurt me at all! Have a good day!
Jasper Ian Erasmo review Jasper Ian Erasmo
Game sucks. Literally. I liked the gamr. Emphasize on LIKED. Until it updated and caused my weeks of daily login and getting gems for the friggin gun in the shop into nothing. The game restarted and i really dont know if you guys have a restore button. Let me know if u do ill rate it to 5 stars.
Krzysztof Olszewski review Krzysztof Olszewski
The gems, you should really fix the earning of gems. It's just hard to get. Everything else though, is PERFECT. I love the gameplay, enemies and ALL THE GUNS!!! It is like a 5x better version of Dino hunter deadly shores by glu. Just fix the gems, and I will rate 5 stars.
Kim Foong Kong review Kim Foong Kong
Omg OMG OMG OMG OMGOMG and can u guys pls make stage 2 2nd boss easier? Im lvl 11 and the boos is 15,the lvl kinds of freak me out fan change that lvl to 10? Plssss.Umm how do u sell jr items in the stash
Lydia Miller review Lydia Miller
Please I need help! My Mom wouldn't let me by the blue gems so I hafe to try to save up the gems to by better guns but I've bine saving gems but it takes forever! I only have 19 and need 70! Please make a easy way to get gems for free in the game,it would be way better! Please make a update for this!!! Others would ugry! Thanku
chilz2008 review chilz2008
However there might be an error to the obtainable blue crystals in game , the number of crystals reset sometimes for no reason. I had 10+ blue crystals yesterday and they all disappeared. The number of crystals are reset to 0. This has happened twice and I hope u guys can fix it.
Melchizedek M. review Melchizedek M.
When I was playing CoM Dino....I was saw a rocket gun thats make to use 70 gems...But i cant get that gem because its hard to get it!So please change into like sale over 70-50 gems!I like it so much when you guys update the game!
Gekohasawoken review Gekohasawoken
Ioved this game until today it erased all my data I was at stage 13 I had the lava cross bow at level 7 and I had the reaver rifle gun at first level now I'm sad that it's all gone my hard work is all gone and now I'm at level five and I can't do anything about this. Please can you fix this issue that happen to me I've been playing this game for over six months maybe more. I'll be very happy if you can fix this.