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Cleverly hiding photos, videos, audio, and files to protect your private content

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Calculator Vault, an easy-to-use and powerful privacy protection app that cleverly hides photos, videos, audios and files.

Calculator Vault will not collect and send your private data, and it can be used normally even when the network is disconnected. In the case of online synchronization, your data will be directly synchronized to the Google cloud disk of your account and hidden, and there will be no data security issues.

Calculator: The whole application will become a common and beautiful calculator application, no one will know that there is another space under the interface of the calculator.

📢📢📢 If you forgot password and security questions
Disguise disabled : After the password is incorrect multiple times, the verification page will display a change password icon. Click the icon to enter the help page.
Disguise enabled : Long press "=" to enter the password modification page. Click the help icon on this page to enter the help page
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