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Calculator apk, update on 2018-05-31
This isn't just a calculator. Click"123+=" button,you will come into a private message space,if you set the phone numbers, their SMS,MMS and calls will be got privacy protection.Even you can hide app icon , no one can find it but only you .

If you are reading this, you may already know the importance of protecting your smartphone privacy. Police and airport security can now search your smart phones without warrant. Phone passwords and security features can be easily defeated. Someone may borrow your phone for emergency calls. You friends, and family may check your phone messages without your permission. You may lose your phone.There are so many scenarios where you are not in possession of your phone. Now it is time to protect and lock your personal private data, hide your text or picture messages, call logs and records, and secret!

Compared to other instant messaging and chat clients. Our app has dual layers of privacy. Our faked app name and icon is the first layer of privacy: security through obscurity. It does not even give a hint that this app is for messaging. With added password protection, it is just impossible for a stranger to get to your guarded SMS messages.

Problems? Wait! Contact us at [email protected] before leaving a bad review. We're quick to respond and fix your problems.

How to open MyCalculator missed call skin:

Korean translate. Thanks 김명수 :)

-- App Features --

1 . Fake interface , open the app just see a calculator , if don't know password can't go to real function area.

2. Support hide text messages , picture messages and call logs .

3. Hide app's icon through dial code to open the app .

4. Calculator skins .

5. Fake call screen , show alarm view , let your private contact's call not show at first .

6. Scheduled time to auto end the private call .

7. Custom Notification when have private message .

8. Virtual SMS and Call Log , when receive a message or missedcall will let system displays virtual messages or missed call , the virtual message content and phone number can custom by selt .

9. More private . When app interface does not run in the foreground or screen off , it will log out automatically, that`s for protect your privacy in order to avoid other people using your cell phone and see your privacy when you forget to close mpm. Also you can't on recent apps list find the app .

10. Easy to import or export the text message or calllogs to your system default app .

11. Support Android 4.4+ (Require set as default SMS app), with a simply and powerful messaging app for your handle normal messages.

12. Messaging app support SMS&MMS Backup/Restore.

Permissions Description


This permissions ONLY use for verify donated user , NOT to any other users .


This permissions use for "I'm here" function.


This permissions use for "Add from contacts" function.


This permissions use for protection your messages .

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+ Calculator version (Updated: 2018-05-31 21:49:05, size: 9,756,342)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2018-05-29 15:18:25, size: 10,372,670)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2018-05-06 06:40:12, size: 3,795,775)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2018-03-30 11:05:40, size: 9,644,188)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2018-02-23 15:44:58, size: 9,736,885)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2018-01-23 17:36:38, size: 9,733,315)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-10-08 19:48:12, size: 9,733,356)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-09-15 12:58:23, size: 9,709,825)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-09-07 06:11:58, size: 9,709,788)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-03-18 14:16:49, size: 9,684,955)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-03-17 13:43:55, size: 9,528,174)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-03-15 14:49:41, size: 9,526,124)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-03-14 14:49:09, size: 9,525,792)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-03-13 10:33:51, size: 9,683,722)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-03-08 19:21:34, size: 9,682,815)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-03-05 13:22:03, size: 9,682,380)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-02-16 06:35:29, size: 9,057,145)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-02-06 01:54:18, size: 9,041,813)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-24 20:46:34, size: 9,198,184)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-22 16:15:40, size: 9,198,290)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-21 19:47:59, size: 9,198,608)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-18 19:57:23, size: 9,205,506)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-14 12:47:41, size: 9,192,928)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-14 00:35:04, size: 9,192,985)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-12 08:34:38, size: 9,186,630)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-11 15:11:06, size: 9,092,015)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-10 08:35:29, size: 9,056,558)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2017-01-08 14:36:16, size: 9,250,189)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2016-07-23 16:58:34, size: 9,549,952)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2016-01-15 07:45:29, size: 9,290,270)
+ Calculator version (Updated: 2016-01-12 19:07:27, size: 9,224,354)

Calculator APK reviews

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Michael McGivern review Michael McGivern
Works perfectly. Had to uninstall other similar apps that developed glitches, or didn't work correctly. So far this one is great.
Christopher Foote review Christopher Foote
Works amazing
If you have a rooted phone with kit-kat or higher apply the patch, it's worth it. But my phone needed a reboot before it worked
Sharon Anderson review Sharon Anderson
I can receive MMS but I can't send them it keeps saying sending failed help.
Eli'za Watts review Eli'za Watts
Works okay
Would give it 5 stars but I hid the app and used the dial code option and now I can't even access the app. Every time I put in my dial code it dials out... Ughhhh...................................................the problem was corrected asap!!! You guys are awesome!
Michael Brown review Michael Brown
Great app!
This is a great app. One feature request would be the ability to backup the messages as the backup feature currently says "system settings". yes
Justin Filegar review Justin Filegar
I forgot my password but I don't want to lose all my contacts and messages...what can I do? Please help asap! My life depends on this!
Larry Long review Larry Long
Not user friendly
Very complicated to setup, causes frustration, confusion and aggravation leading to deletion, how do you make a phone a call? These are questions I should not have to ask, this is its noy user friendly, a step by step tutorial is needed in order to work this app, it will get someone in trouble, contradicting the functionality of the app
Trish Willis review Trish Willis
Omg yes
This app is everything. Clever notification, inconspicuous display, fast service. Thanks
JosephRay Shuler review JosephRay Shuler
I'm still trying to learn. So far its good.
I used to like that app. Now it secretly installed an Adware app 'MyMessaging' that shows ads every time I open my phone.
I am so TIRED of these ADS popping up randomly, I just want the old version back!
Orlando Velazquez review Orlando Velazquez
Now comes with pop up ads and Spyware constantly popping up on phone!!!!!
Chase Laymon review Chase Laymon
How do i set up my passcode o get into it??
Juan Macias review Juan Macias
Why so many updates? This used to be a good app. Now all it does is crashes. Thinking on uninstalling
A Google user review A Google user
It's not doing nun I want it to do!