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Watch and react to the best live events in culture, sports, and music on Caffeine. Discover exclusive live, interactive content from Ultimate Rap League, Ballislife, AllDef, The Berrics, Tommy the Clown, and more - all for free on desktop and mobile devices. Join your community and enjoy free access to premium live events and daily live streams in everything from battle rap to basketball, street dance, and stand-up comedy.

Interact with your favorite broadcasters live using our real-time reactions, personalized chat, and send props to support creators directly while watching the content you love. You can watch streams live and be part of the energy as they happen, or catch up and share your thoughts after the show.

Instantly share your live reaction or start your own live show from the app. Host a battle rap pre-show, go live with your reaction after a big event, wrap up the biggest late-breaking culture news, and more.


Battle Rap - Welcome to the premier source for live battle rap content from Ultimate Rap League. Hosted by Smack, sponsored by Drake, Caffeine livestreams the biggest events like NOME, Summer Madness, Smack Vol. and more. Watch live and tune into our 40+ battle rap personalities and partners on their Caffeine-exclusive streams.
Streetball - Watch top streetball games live from Ballislife, In the Lab, Playmaker, Drew League and more. Between dunk contests, special new formats, or behind-the-scenes training and conversations by players, Caffeine has the best live streetball community and content.
Comedy - Top comedians and comedy collectives like AllDef, Kevonstage, and @itsaad have made their live home on Caffeine. Watch the live premieres of Roast Me and Cancel Court episodes, or catch up after the show with on-demand replays.
Action Sports - Watch the top names in skateboarding compete live in highly anticipated events with The Berrics, see the next generation of snowboarders compete in Natural Selection, and catch your favorite athletes going live every day.
Dance - Tommy the Clown and Battlefest are changing the game with their amazing live interactive shows and a community that brings their direct audience support and reactions. Dance battles have never been better than live and interactive on Caffeine.
Community - Culture, Sports, and Music includes so many amazing streams and streamers, crossing over from gaming to podcasts to painting to day-in-the-life and much, much more. Join your favorite creators, discover new creators, and start streaming to discover your home in the live culture, sports, and music community.


+ Easily Start Streaming from the App - Go live with your own broadcast with one tap in the app, or instantly share a live reaction to the creator you just watched.
+ Make Money Streaming - Anyone can make money while streaming on Caffeine. Cash out after earning props from fans who love your content, or stream regularly to join our partner programs.
+ Stream What You Love - Our browser, mobile app, and desktop tools allow you to broadcast anything you can think of, from a watch party for a big event to a behind-the-scenes mobile livestream.
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