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About this product

For every social media user to connect, chat, discover, shop & share with people

Byloapp description

Byloapp - India’s 1st Social Media & Hyper-local Networking Platform

If you are a social media user, content creator, marketer, influencer, shopper, blogger, vlogger, homegrown brand/label, an SMB merchant/owner, or a human being, then join today.

Byloapp is the post-pandemic social networking platform for all of us. It is a platform that lets you connect with people around you via meaningful texts, photos, and videos. It lets you;

• Explore and post photos & videos in feeds.
• Connect and chat with people from your city.
• Discover and message shops & brands around you.
• Find and order products directly from your city's marketplace.
• Browse live offers and discounts in your city.
• Find and apply for available jobs in your city and get hired.
• Know about any city from the local-guide across India.

New and meaningful features on Byloapp a Social Networking Platform:

Community Feed:
Create a live, interactive feed with posts on reviews, recommendations, offers, & events going on in your Marketplace. Share your daily moments with your connections and followers.

Search and shop products of the best homegrown brands and local shops, from all the categories - clothing, beauty & care, gifts, jewelry, accessories, home decor, electronics, and many more.

Explore and find the businesses you are looking for, from 40+ categories including food and drinks, clothing, beauty and care, gifts, accessories, home decor and lifestyle, electronics, and many more. You can discover businesses city-wise, by pin code, price range, etc.

Special Offers:
Avail exclusive Bylo Offers on the listed products and services from your city and get cash rewards, discounts as well.

Find the jobs for yourself or help someone you know get a job you're looking for very easily and get hired locally in your own city.

Byloapp for Business: If you are a merchant or SMB owner, then;

• Create your own business page and profile.
• Share photos, videos of your products and services.
• Find more customers and leads across India.
• Connect with your customers and chat with them directly.
• Post your exclusive live offers and discounts.
• Post available jobs and hire people locally for your business.

Join today and register for free;

Website: www.byloapp.com

Terms of use: https://www.byloapp.com/terms-of-use/

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We value your feedback, So if you have something to share then email us at [email protected] If you are enjoying the app, Please leave us a Rating and a Review.
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