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About this product

Fitness app that rewards for walking. Get paid to walk!

Buzzinga - Walk and Earn Rewards description

Buzzinga - Do It. Show It. Win It.

Buzzinga is a reward-based fitness challenge app, where you can earn rewards by participating and winning in various fitness challenges - walking challenges, workout challenges and dance challenges.

This app helps you to stay motivated to be fit and rewards you for your fitness efforts.

We all know that morning walk is one of the best forms of exercise for our overall health. Joining our walking challenge will help you to add this exercise into your daily routine. You can also get rewards for walking.
Walk and earn rewards!

Buzzinga can be a real kick-starter for you. It helps you create healthy habits. You can build new fitness habits by participating in fitness challenges and tracking your progress daily.

We have exciting challenges for you:

Walking Challenges:

Join self target based walking challenges, compete with yourself and earn money by winning challenges.

When you participate in a challenge, you have to achieve your daily target. If you complete the target you will earn coins daily. You can unlock various rewards with these coins. Winning cash prize will be given at the end of the challenge in Buzzinga wallet. You can also transfer the amount into your bank account.

Workout & Dance Challenges:

Participate in workout challenges including push up, squat, jumping jack challenges & dance challenges.

Create a Challenge:

You can create your personalized workout challenges. You can also invite your friends to join the challenge.

Join a challenge that interests you and get started to achieve your fitness goal and earn rewards.

Take a look at the features of the app:

1. Join walking challenges and win cash prizes.
2. Join and win money in fitness challenges like push-up challenge, jumping jack challenge, etc
3. You can create group challenges & invite your friends to participate..
4. Claim rewards with the coins.
5. Transfer money in your Paytm/Google Pay or PhonePe account from Buzzinga wallet.
6. Complete Paytm and Pollfish surveys and get rewards.

Buzzinga Corporate Wellness Program:

Buzzinga offers a corporate wellness program where the organizations can run health & wellness challenges. It lets the employers incentivize the teams/employees who are able to achieve their health/fitness goals at the end of every challenge.

To assist you in the process we have 7 keys of overall wellness, combined in the one app.

Buzzinga = Walking | Running | Workout | Meditation | Yoga | Drinking | Eating

This challenges can help increase:
1. Employee Engagement
2. Team Bonding
3. Healthy Habits
4. Productivity
5. Retention Ratio
6. Motivated Workforce

Buzzinga can be integrated with Google Fit and Fitbit apps. It takes step count data from these apps, this step count data is used in analysing the steps of the users in walking challenges.

Buzzinga can be your perfect companion in your fitness journey.

Sounds good? Start your fitness journey with us!

Visit: https://www.buzzinga.fit/ to know more!
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