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Bus Game 2.0.2 apk, update on 2020-08-02
Bus Game

Good news! The revolution update with more buses, better graphics, better gameplay and overall better player experience is in progress. Expect it very soon!

You must be a fan of the driving games. We assume that you're crazy about parking games as well. If so, this bus game is one of the games that you need! Try to become a bus driver in one of the best bus simulator.
Drive your bus through the city traffic, pick up passengers and drive them safely to their destinations.
Your city bus is big so be careful! Duty driving is not that easy. Watch out for the traffic - don't hit any cars or people crossing.

There are many bus games in the Google Play store but this one is the top game. You can driving around the city, suburbs, construction sites, parks and even the beach. Look around - people are walking, cars are crossing. Get in your bus and become a city traffic racer in this top simulator game.

Bus Game features:

- Full 3D large environment
- Smooth controls optimized for bus sim
- Drive the passengers to their destinations
- Many different routes across the city
- One of the best games in the store
- Offline game (no wi-fi or internet needed)

What does this game have that other games don't:

- Bright colorful graphic style
- Well made optimization for older mobiles
- Interior view
- Easy steering

If you're disappointed with new games, get the solid classic. As all top games, this one gives you the real enjoyment. Master your driving skills in one of the best bus games!

Bus Game APK reviews

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gaming_ TWATZ review gaming_ TWATZ
I love this game so much do you
I will always play this game!!! Like to be choked and strangled the same time x the same time x the same time x the same time x the same time x the same time x the same time x the same time x the same time x the same time x the same time x the same as the average lass to get the kids after school and a will be x I will be a bit of travelling around and the other day I can say do they are u doing route x I will be a bit of a day of work and the way u do not know the details of this week so I can sleep bye
Minnu Nidhin review Minnu Nidhin
A you google user your a bad man .your giving in first time 1 star then after you give 3 stars ok it's a excellent game ok google user
Ohh sorry bad google user
iman moughrabi review iman moughrabi
The best driving game ever, including fantastic graphics and it's very realistic you cannot differentiate between reality and this game, it is my love of my lifa, when I saw it my whole life changed; oh my god!!!!
Rekha Aryal review Rekha Aryal
Not bad
It's OK not too good
Rabiya Anusha review Rabiya Anusha
Loved it
Fatimah Dixie review Fatimah Dixie
Doors do not open
I was at the bus stop and waited but I do not know how to open the doors and I stood there and nothing happens so don't not install it is a waste of time
Georgina Clark review Georgina Clark
It's not brilliant but it's alright it's not a game I'll play everyday though But there is way too many ads I just don't get why they do it
Hajar Kajjaj review Hajar Kajjaj
Too many adds
This game has way too many adds every time I click something a add or a video comes up I don't even now how to play the because of how many adds there are I never got to play it or learn how to play this game
Crystal Caddle review Crystal Caddle
The game it's ok but it has to many videos and adds and it's not a game I will keep playing on and on . I'm disappointed ? and it's difficult doing every thing it takes a long time to even turn I'm CONFUSED ?and mad?.
Inkzz MSP review Inkzz MSP
hey you idiots, you say there are too many ads? the ads are there to make the game FREE, so you better stop complaining and actually be grateful that you can have a free game instead of having to pay 3 dollars or something. and if you really dont want any ads just frickin turn your wifi off, you delusion pigs! (haha amazing insult)
A Google user review A Google user
This app is really good to play when ur bored or stressed and when u wanna fall asleep. I literally play this game where ever I am. It is so much fun. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep I always play this game. Totaly recommend this game to anyone who is stressful or having trouble falling asleep.
Christiaan BL review Christiaan BL
Trash. I was a professional busdriver and retired now. I tried many simulators, all trash. First of all, a good busdriver simulator, makes you sit BIHIND the steering wheel, the place of the driver. From that place, game should start be active, like really driving the bus. With the driver also watching his mirrors, etc.
Mackenzie Stein review Mackenzie Stein
This is one stupid game it wouldn't let me play it at first I waited like an hour to star playing it if I was you I wouldn't download this stuffed up game... I hate this game I think everyone should hate this game???????? I was looking forward to play this but I guess I can't anymore
Meshal Azam review Meshal Azam
Stupid sucking game it was stupid I maadly hated it people if u see my review then please dont play this stupid game this is the worst game I have ever played, the map is full of squares and rectangles, there should be traffic, graphics must be upgraded.
tadi shan review tadi shan
To many ads every minute bam there is a ad all you see in this game is ads plus its boring to tell the truth