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Color match puzzle bubble shooter: hit & blast bubbles in pop all bubble shooter

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180 ratings

Bubble Shooter Pro Pop Puzzle description

Love the classic pop all bubble shooter games?
Want a new bubble shooter game with sleek gameplay and endless high score challenge?

Meet Bubble Shooter Pro! One of the most played bubble blast puzzles on FB Instant with 10+ million players is finally available on mobile.

Enjoy the pop bubble shooter fun and prove that you are the best bubble hit master among all your FB friends and other Bubble Shooter Pro players. All you need is to shoot bubbles (at least 3) of the same color without letting them crush you!

Start your crush bubble journey by downloading Bubble Shooter Pro!

Win small bonuses by hitting larger groups of bubbles. You can also win bonuses by making bubble smash streaks.

When the going gets tough in your puzzle shooter quest, use the shooting bubble bombs that will destroy a large portion of bubbles (they can be of different colors). Additionally, there is a universal ball that goes with any color. This will be helpful when you have small amounts of bubbles in one color.

Unlike most free bubble shooter puzzle games, Bubble Shooter Pro allows you to earn extra points. Just match and pop the bubbles of the same color where you see the x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7 etc. score multipliers.

Make use of the slots at the bottom that give you additional points for each bubble (50, 150 & 250). Additionally, earn extra points when you get to 100k+ points.

See live how your points compare to other players and combat with your friends for Bubble Shooter Pro high scores.

- endless bubble shooter fun
- small and big bonuses
- extra points for streaks
- power balls that pop all bubbles
- each bubble you smash earns you extra points - 50 + 150 + 250
- some balls can give x2 or more points
- bombs to remove a group of bubbles
- extra prizes at 100k points
- see live points of other players
- easy controls with precise aim
- stunning visual effects and crisp graphics

No matter if you are looking for an easy bubble shooter, or hard bubble shooter game, Bubble Shooter Pro will offer amazing puzzle shooting fun.

Download one of the best bubbles shooter puzzle games of 2022.

Play Bubble Shooter Pro!
If you have any queries, feature requests, or suggestions regarding Bubble Shooter Pro, please send them to [email protected]. Till then, enjoy this puzzle bubble shooting game! Or try other SOFTGAMES Mobile games.
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