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Bubble Mania™ apk, update on 2019-06-07
Pop til you drop in Bubble Mania, the addictive bubble shooter with over 1000 puzzles!

Blast your way through 1000+ puzzling levels as you save the babies from the evil Bubble Wizard. Travel from island to island where challenging new bubble obstacles placed by the bubble wizard try to thwart your efforts. Take aim and pop your way through a vast array of bubble landscapes. Rise to the top of exciting bubble shooter events for a chance at amazing rewards.  

Use a wide array of bubble themed power-ups like the Rainbow Bubble, Earthquake Bubble and Bomb Bubble! Swap your way to victory with the Three Bubble Swap to enhance your bubble shooter! Don't let the Bubble Wizard burst your bubble!

With thrilling NEW FEATURES:
• 1000+ LEVELS : Discover exciting new puzzle levels across tons of beautiful islands!
• WEEKLY EVENTS : Are you the best bubble shooter player? Pop your way through Rainbow Rush to be the top contender!
• WEEKLY REWARDS : Shoot bubbles to collect Puzzle Pieces in levels to win weekly prizes!
• LEADERBOARD : Pop your way to the top as you compete to win prizes based on your weekly rank!
• FRIEND LEADERBOARD : Compare your progress with friends!
• HALL OF FAME : Earn a spot by collecting the most Puzzle Pieces!

Please note that Bubble Mania™ is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Use of this application is governed by the Storm8 Studios Terms of Service. Collection and use of data are subject to Storm8 Studios Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at http://www.storm8-studios.com/terms/ and http://www.storm8-studios.com/privacy/

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Bubble Mania™ APK reviews

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Frederica Carter review Frederica Carter
Love It
I love Bubble Mania and it's very addictive. I only wish there was a software that allows the player to be restored where they stopped off, example if you end up getting a new phone. Perhaps creating a log in username and password. I hope that's in the future works because getting through almost all world's and having to start from scratch sucks!!!!!
Ramina Nouri review Ramina Nouri
Love the game but....
What the hell! Reduced the rewards for installing and playing other games? Absolutely used to love this game but when is there going to be an android update so I can transfer the data to a new phone. I'm going to get a new phone soon and am not interested at all in starting all the way over after playing for a year! Please storm8 fix this soon
Murtaza Ghulam review Murtaza Ghulam
Bubble mania is my absolute favorite game to play after a long day at work. It keeps me on my toes and provides unique challenging with tools I can use to overcome them. This game is the healthy stress relief for any age and it never ceases to amaze me.
Momstation3 review Momstation3
I've been playing this for ages and never get tired of it. The kitties are adorable and each level is such a fun challenge. The only set-back is that you run out of energy and have to wait sometime before you can play again. I suppose that's a good thing though because I'd probably never stop playing.
Carol Ellis review Carol Ellis
It's a great game if at times frustrating. Waiting an hour for lives to regenerate is silly. It used to be 20 minutes. And 90% of the time it will not let me quit, it just freezes. Very annoying....
Eugene Rivers review Eugene Rivers
Fun and addictive. Only 4 stars because sometimes it hangs up in the middle of a game and messes up a shot. Also, in app purchases for upgrade credits are way too expensive so I never buy them although sometimes they are really needed.
Rhoda Cataleta review Rhoda Cataleta
Bads news players - there's NO support for any problems/issues yiu have. ? Gems earned via weekly tournaments haven't been awarded, nor are there the + signs on the map (supposedly another way to earn gems). Most frustrating indeed!
A Google user review A Google user
The game starts out fun but as the levels increase its gets hard to the point that it takes a long time to beat one level. Then its impossible to collect puzzle pieces. The game allows certain levels to get puzzle pieces and then once the level has been played so many times no more puzzle pieces. Then once a level has three stars, if the level is played and beaten, a life is taken away. I like playing the game to get puzzle pieces but when it gets to the point that its hard to get puzzle pieces then i dont play anymore and delete the game.
Cadette Cox review Cadette Cox
I have played this and alot of the storm 8 games. I gota new phoneand went to redownload all the games i have been playing for a few years and was far in alot of them. Just to go into the games to realize that all of them pjt me back to start. Ugh makes me so mad cause I liked alot of there games.
Jay Chamings review Jay Chamings
So much crap popping up before you can even play. Ridiculous wait for lives. Far too much luck involved in some levels. Basically one big ad for the devs other games.
Johannah Lovell review Johannah Lovell
Favorite puzzle game I play. You don't need to pay money as long as you stay DETERMINED. (Shout out to Undertail fans.)
Rob Tunbridge review Rob Tunbridge
A bit slow to start, when opening the app and sometimes can be glitchy for the first few plays. Overall, not a bad game and can become quite addictive when you get on a winning roll.
Daisy Pettway review Daisy Pettway
Love this game one of my favorite to play. Gave 4 starz because after update load slower n freezes up more have to turned my phone off to stopped it other than that great game. Need to fix.Thanks
Cindy jensen review Cindy jensen
Updated game, now takes life away even after clearing the level. Can play max of 5 times. Then have to wait
Mohammed Haleem Saeed review Mohammed Haleem Saeed
As mentioned by someone else. One of the annoying things is that when u need 1 colour to win and even if u have about 15 bubbles left u will not get the colour u need meaning you lose a life. This happens 9/10 times. This is the 2nd game to frustrate me.