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Bubble Adventure
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Bubble Adventure 1.24.55 apk, update on 2019-08-21
Bubble Adventure is a bubble shooter game. There are different bubble islands for you to explore. You will shoot the rattan bubbles in the ancient ruins of the historical sites, shoot the skull bubbles in the swamp island and shoot fruit bubbles in the dense jungle of the forest island. Also, there are floating island, snow mountain, sunny beach and other challenging adventure. After winning the challenges on island, you can unlock the next adventure. Come and join our adventure, you will find Endless Fun!

Game Features:
★Classic bubble shooter gameplay!
★Exquisite Game Interface!
★Various types of bubbles!
★Magical game scene!
★A variety of levels!
★Lots of Challenging Puzzles!
★A variety of props to help you pass faster!
★Color Blind Mode!
★Applicable to Any Ages!
★Any time at Any Place!
★Download for Free!

How to Play This Bubble Shooter Game?
★Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color.
★Choose the bubble’s color by swapping two bubbles.
★Don’t let the bubbles get to the red line.
★Clear the screen.
★Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on every level.

If you love bubble shooter games, you have to try this one, it’s the best of all bubble shooter gameplay. What are you waiting for? Come to our bubble island and enjoy it!

Bubble Adventure APK reviews

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Rhonda Morgan review Rhonda Morgan
Same game as Bubble World, just changed the name. Bubbles are brighter. Would have been great to have changed the graphics. "So I like both" used it a long time to kill time or relax. Can be addictive. ?
Claire Seaton-Marks review Claire Seaton-Marks
The Shoppers Drug mart pop up was so annoying it really interfered with the enjoyment of game. It covered up back button. It's the reason I will uninstall. Sorry. Maybe you can rethink size of ads
Julie Lyle review Julie Lyle
It's hard to win without the aiming line, but most of the time I can buy one. I like the game. The music is elevated music tho.
Kimberly Lindig review Kimberly Lindig
Not too easy. Good game
Keeps me busy
Very addictive and fun!!
tara Cassidy review tara Cassidy
Can you explain why A) you have 2 versions of the exact same game, bubble worlds and bubble adventure, and B) why you cant make another bubble worlds 2 that has the same format and power ups as the first? I don't want cute little bunnies or foxes or witches... Just a plain bubble game like the original, just with new levels.
Bruce Delmont review Bruce Delmont
This game is rigged! Bubbles curve just before landing, you won't get what you need, ever! This review is after playing this game a long time. Some levels are impossible to beat. Don't bother with this one, it's garbage.
A Google user review A Google user
When I got my first smart phone, the original Bubble Worlds caused problems on it. But this new version is awesome. I missed this game very much. Now I'm happy again!
David Hilsabeck review David Hilsabeck
I only play this game in airplane mode. If you do that the ads simply disappear. With the ads the game is unplayable.
Neal Klein review Neal Klein
An updated version of Bubble World, my one big complaint is the ads. Dear Lord, those ads make playing this game really unpleasant.
A Google user review A Google user
I would have given 5 stars but for the new style ads. they take all the enjoyment out of the game
Gwyneth Thompson review Gwyneth Thompson
Ads pop up in the middle of actually trying to play... I don't mind the ads in between boards, but in the middle of a board? Unacceptable!
Richard Helms review Richard Helms
Well put together. Not your average ball pop. Very challenging!!!
Kathleen R Walker review Kathleen R Walker
Same as what Tara Cassidy stated ... two of the same games. Bubble Worlds n Bubble Adventure n neither one is connected to Facebook so you won't have to start over each time.