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LG BT Reader Plus
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LG BT Reader Plus 2.1.11 apk, update on 2016-03-31
BT Reader Plus supports SMS reading on Android™ based devices and enhanced functions from BT Reader Plus.

1. Main Feature
- Reading SMS MMS
- Reading message from messenger and SNS applications
- Supporting Languages for SMS Reading are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.
User must download each language version of BTReader respectively for SMS Reading.

2.How to set SNS for reading
- Settings > Accessibility > Services >BT Reader Plus > Set to On
- Select SNS and Messenger in BT Reader Plus application

3.Support models
+ Mono : HBM-260, HBM-280, HBM-216, HBM-290
+ Stereo : HBS-700, HBS-730, HBS-600, HBS-800, HBS-750, HBS-900, HBS-760, HBS-910, HBS-1100, HBS-770
* Devices not on the list is not supported.

4.Key word
LG, Bluetooth Headset, LG accessory, SMS Reader

LG BT Reader Plus APK reviews

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Jeehye Jung review Jeehye Jung
통합버전 노노.
통합버전 바뀌고 저도 한글 안읽혀요. 삼성폰에선 그나마 웃기게 영어발음으로 한국말 읽었는데 (못알아 들었지만요) 근데 엘지 폰인데 더 잘될줄알았는데 아예 한글 읽지도 않네요. 저도 시스템 영어언어로 해놨습니다. 전처럼 바꿔주세요. 부탁합니다. 다시 평 올릴게요 후에...
Paul Lee review Paul Lee
시스템 언어가 영어로 되있으면 한글을 못 읽습니다. 통합하기전에는 됬었는데.. 한/영되는 TTS은 없는지요?
DebiAnn Nelson review DebiAnn Nelson
LG Bth reader give it 4
Reads amazingly well !
Sung Kwan Choi review Sung Kwan Choi
정말 편리하군요
스마트폰의 스마트를 부각시키는 앱! 단 블루투스는 필수라는....
Rajanyashwar Lakhey review Rajanyashwar Lakhey
Waste of time
Paul Fauls review Paul Fauls
By on top none stop
John Cho review John Cho
Love it!
How awesome is this app! Reads Korean and English well.
Carl Wilson review Carl Wilson
Smokin crater. From conway sdey
Llittle giant ,
Mark Kim review Mark Kim
블루투스 연결 해제 시에 스피커로 읽는 소리 나오는 문제 해결
제 폰은 갤노트2입니다. 젤리빈에서 BT Reader 오류가 있었습니다. 블루투스헤드셋이 꺼진 상태에서 Reading 기능이 켜져서 스피커로 문자나 카톡 읽어주는 소리가 나오는 현상이 있었는데요. 킷캣으로 업그레이드한 후에 이런 문제가 없어졌습니다.
A Google user review A Google user
Garbage. It just redirects you to download the other app which is also garbage. What is the purpose of installing an app that just links you to the other app? LG tone and talk is terrible software full of bugs with no feedback or resolutions.
Chris Harmon review Chris Harmon
I was told to upgrade to the lg tone and talk app however, it's incompatible with my tablet (Galaxy Tab 2) and I cannot use my lg tone free (HBSF110) properly. When will this be resolved?
Michelle Willis review Michelle Willis
This app has been replaced with one that is not compatible with my tablet. I can no long use my headset with my tablet. I have to purchase a downgraded one like my old one
Robert Francis review Robert Francis
My new LG Platinums dont tell me yhat the battery life is low. It will just turn off. It will not read me the text either.
joe ortega review joe ortega
Great, but...
This is my 3rd set of lg headset's. Loved them all. And the new HBS-1100 are AWESOME! Just have one issue, don't know if it's the this app which allows your text and emails to be read to you, but for some reason it WILL NOT read the text messages that my wife sends me! Literally everyone else that texts me, it reads out loud to me, but NEVER from my wife. Any ideas or suggestions LG? THANKS
Kandice K review Kandice K
Just stopped working
And no info about it anywhere. Thx LG! You'd think you'd have better customer service! I decided to download tone & talk and that one works however there aren't any settings in it to be able to customize! I paid $60 for this headset so I expect better service!!!!