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Train your brain for improved congnition with cognitive assessment brain quiz

BrainTTOK - Cognitive Tests description

Have you been looking for brain quiz to get smarter? Will you like your specially-abled kid to enhance cognitive thinking ability? How about helping senior citizens retain their brain skills? With this collection of tests designed for cognitive assessment, you can not only sharpen the mental faculties but also have fun! Train your brain to work smarter with a collection of problem solving and creative thinking tests designed to improve cognition and learning among general public, specially-abled kids and senior citizens. The memory test takes you through an assortment of aptitude test brain trainer quizzes which only become more fun and effective over time. The platform takes you through a series of three different tests; a test to assess your basic cognitive ability, a test to assess your execution skills and a test to assess your sensory skills.
Take BrainTTOK Cognitive Test - Trivia Quiz now!

●Train Your Brain for Sharper Cognitive Ability
Will you like to train your brain to preserve and enhance cognitive ability? The best and most fun way for brain training is to participate in a series of brain quizes. With this aptitude test app, you will go through a series of memory test and cognitive assessment exercises which will not only help you improve your mental faculties over time but also have fun while doing so.

●Multiple Brain Quizes for Cognitive Assessment
Dive into a world of fun and cognitive learning with this memory test assessment app. Get smarter as you play brain games from different categories. The cognitive assessment tests have three different types:
- A memory test to assess your basic cognitive ability
- A test similar to a test called Stroop, to assess your creative thinking and execution ability.
- A test to assess your sensory skills and problem-solving skills
These tests will be carried out one after another.The tests are different depending on your profile.

●Three Different Aptitude Test Categories
Train your brain and get smarter as a part of general public or switch to other modes for specific user profiles. The brain training app has aptitude test brain quizes for three different profiles:
- General public
- Senior Citizens with declining cognitive ability
- Kids with reduced mental capabilities
The type of problem solving, creative thinking and memory test differ for every profile category.

●Enhance Your Mental Faculties Effectively
Take the cognitive assessment challenge and train your brain to get smarter with time. The platform is ideal for general public, kids and senior citizens who wish to enhance their brain functions effectively over time.

●Features of BrainTTOK Cognitive Test - Trivia Quiz
-Simple and easy to play cognitive assessment brain games
-Brain training for general public, senior citizens and specially-abled kids
-Different aptitude test ranging from creative thinking, problem solving and memory test
-Train your brain to get smart over time with cognitive ability tests
-Three different profiles to choose from and start the quiz
Download and play BrainTTOK Cognitive Test - Trivia Quiz today!
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