BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ For Pundit-Purohit APK

BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ For Pundit-Purohit
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BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ For Pundit-Purohit 1.1.0 apk, update on 2020-08-09
BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ (Pundit Purohit Services) was founded in 2020 in Bengaluru, Karnataka and now BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ is planning to cover all important cities of India. It is the world’s first time startup in India to give Pundits/Purohits services at home/temple using Android & iOS App. Pundits/Purohits can customize their Puja Service Charges by their own. There will be no mediators to control over their service charges. This makes BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ is a unique player in the market.

BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ is an Android/iOS App to book a pundits/purohits for any needs related to religious and spiritual domains. BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ is a service which was put into execution considering the current demands of getting anything and everything online may it be services related to devotional / spiritual puja or any religious needs of people. BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ caters services where one can book pundits or purohits for any religious activities one wants to carry out for any occasion, in any part of the country. BRĀHMĀṆYĀM™ is a platform where we have a crew of the best of pundits/purohits who are well versed and well trained in terms of understanding the roots of our Indian Vedas, Scriptures, and Ethics of our Sanatana Dharmas.

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