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BQM - Block Quest Maker - 1.1.24 apk, update on 2018-08-10
☆ ☆ ☆ Create & challenge - new instant death RPG「BQM - BlockQuest Maker」is here ☆ ☆ ☆ 
Secret doors, falling stones, formidable monsters - fight them all and level up! Solve the mystery box and see what lies ahead!
BQM is newest game from BlockQuest series, follow up to great hit, Dungeon of Gravestone, popular puzzle game with and instant death factor!
This time, dungeons and gimmicks got major boost up.
It's no longer, play only game, it is about creating, sharing and challenging players all around the world! Join global fever!
★ Challenge dungeons!
Join worldwide battle royal and test your skills in dungeons created by other players!
Puzzle stages, action stages, dungeons of various genres await you! 
Bombs, arrows, boxes, magic, which will one will you choose to solve mysteries?
★ Create your own dungeons!
Now it's your turn to create dungeons!
Use dungeon editor and challenge players all around the world.
Everything dependson you: traps, gimmicks, use them to create complex mazes.
Set admission fee for your dungeon and get gold!
The more popular your dungeon gets the more gold will fall into your hand!

BQM - Block Quest Maker - APK reviews

Marvyn Calderon review Marvyn Calderon
Very good for those who love designing dungeons, I love the artstyle and the cubed characters or so cute!
Gregory R.H. review Gregory R.H.
So far the game with the most potential. It could grow so much. One day I see it using crypto for entrance fees and building rewards. Fantastic work, devs!
Benimo 12 review Benimo 12
Please I love your software but there is a bug that makes the attack button go to the center of the screen. Please fix it. Thank you
Kalvin Carmo review Kalvin Carmo
I really love the game! But I have one question... Are you guys still working on Dungeon of Gravestone? I always wanted a co-op feature in both of your awesome games. 👏
Fiul Ploii review Fiul Ploii
I really love the idea! But for now this game is unplayable !! No seriosly i press the play button , it just stays in the menu and If i press the make a dungeon IT doensnt show anything . I reinstalled the app but IT is the Same , i think that my phone has a problem .
Jim Bridger review Jim Bridger
Character is too fast and jumpy, it's hard to control