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About this product

Full energy for your fleet.

BP Fuel & Charge description

BP Fuel & Charge:
Our simple all-in-one solution for all your fleet's energy needs.

BP offers you limitless mobility today, tomorrow and in the future. Whether your vehicles need conventional fuels or if they run on electricity, the innovative combined BP Fuel & Charge card empowers you to keep your entire fleet on the move.

To help you reach your destination faster the BP Fuel & Charge app contains essential real-time information pointing you to the nearest and most appropriate option to charge your vehicle.

The BP Fuel & Charge app enables you to:

# Locate convenient charge points nearby or at your destination

# Check charge point operating hours, prices and names of the technical operators

# Filter by connector type, charging speed and charge point availability

# Avoid detours and downtime by locating suitable charge points and viewing their real-time availability status

# Navigate directly to your preferred charging station

# Start and stop your charging session via app - without taking out your Fuel & Charge Card (with supported charging stations only)

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You can find further information on BP mobility solutions at:
www.bp.co.uk/fuelandcharge (UK)

The BP Fuel & Charge offer is provided by BP in cooperation with Trafineo GmbH & Co. KG.
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