Bomb Heroes-Royal Shooter GO APK

Bomb Heroes-Royal Shooter GO
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Bomb Heroes-Royal Shooter GO 1.1.7 apk, update on 2017-07-07
Unleash a thrilling parabola shooter adventure that challenges you to aim at and bomb enemies with proficient shooting skills. Fight to become the super bomb shooter in Bomb Heroes now!
Bomb Heroes let you team up and communicate with your friends via instant voice, to fight against the world bosses through mysterious fortresses. Personalize yourself with various outfits as well as sharp mounts to be the brightest legend shooter. Meeting with your life love and training lovely pets on this adventure just color your life!
Aim at, and shoot it then bomb blows up!

- Awesome PVE on 300+ plot maps to challenge yourself
- MMO PVP battles with millions of online players around the world
- Turn-based MMO shooter gameplay with RPG elements
- Hundreds of cute pets as your loyal accompany to grow up
- 300+ outfits as well as weapons for your personalized dress
- Sharp mounts to enhance your ability to win battles
- Challenge other bombers in local and cross-server arena wars
- Solid guilds with friends to strengthen your heroes
- Romantic marriage with your life love in this exhilarating adventure

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Hey guys, bomb me! Have fun playing Bombs Heroes!

Bomb Heroes-Royal Shooter GO APK reviews

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Xynric Nahil review Xynric Nahil
Update 1/12/17 crashing
I updated the app and like the other guy said after 100%, the app crashes. Wind canyon server. Seems like uninstalling the app and reinstalling it works.
Austin Brien review Austin Brien
App crashes
Just like in the title it crashes in loading @ 100. Need new update for this, oh cmon cant play
Joseph Bronce review Joseph Bronce
y i cant play this game
Ken Okamoto review Ken Okamoto
What happened?? Bomb heroes no longer seen in google playstore.. how will you increase the players if cannot see in playstore
Kyle Haynes review Kyle Haynes
DeJa Vu review DeJa Vu
Sucks , update error after hours it start again and again and again
momo the cow review momo the cow
Great game . But no one speaks English.... inside the game ...
Li Yu Yong review Li Yu Yong
very good game is congratulations application.
Kaboto Yepthomi review Kaboto Yepthomi
its a good game i have been playing since...but the prblm is more opportunities are given to VIP so its good if you add up a new item in warddrop so that there will be a fair game against it....i hope you will fix it ASAP thank you
The Lost review The Lost
The game it self is fantastic and I love the daily diamond earnings and free VIP but the balance needs to be fixed, in arena the opponent matching needs to be really balanced like power arena rank and level matching need improvement and during the match sometimes the when you try to hit an opponent or destroy something that's in a way, it just fires through without damaging the target and the game won't let you create an account "unqualified account length" please fix and I rate 5 stars, thank you
Antonius Kusuma review Antonius Kusuma
worth to play
so far, this is very good game to play. since this game is new, less people with high power on this game.. and also the devs has a very fast respond when player do complains.. devs also open mind if players give any suggestion.. you can keep my words guys, try this game :)
Need to fix boss battle.
Need to be fixed when you still fighting boss you don't get kicked out when boss event ends. This happened to me twice. First time when I was getting close to first place and 4th. This so still able to fight until you die.
Ernesto G review Ernesto G
Can't move forward stuck on 2nd map first mission map is Grey can't click anything
Imanuel Septiandy review Imanuel Septiandy
Connection issue with unnecessary update