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BMX Boy 1.16.45 apk, update on 2019-08-07
Speeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the air and landing safety. The game "BMX Boy" is so easy but super fun.

You only need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles on the road and get the scores as possible as you can.

The way to play is very easy.
Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right one is accelerating and the other one is jumping).Show some cool tricks in the air can get extra points.

-Clear and simple pictures
-3 different terrains
-90 cool and addictive levels.
-Various cool tricks.
-More levels are coming soon.

BMX Boy APK reviews

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Joshua Marella review Joshua Marella
Bmx boy
Love it its the best bike game if you are reading this checkout skater boy
Becci Miller review Becci Miller
Best game ever
So fun easy cool and offline
malik ryans review malik ryans
It's ok
Coming from Apple to Android all I gotta say is I don't like the ads in games because it causes it to lag .
Aditya Bharatee review Aditya Bharatee
Bmx boy
Its worth it...simple and fun. Scope of improvement is there..thanks guys!
Zana Bahtiri review Zana Bahtiri
This game is just amazing.I can't get tired of playing this game !!
Lauren Thomson review Lauren Thomson
Bmx boy
It's a nice game but it's not for me sorry. u have to keep pressing the button to go faster that's y i didn't like it that much !!! :( :O
diamondgamer231 gamer review diamondgamer231 gamer
Its good
It is great but when u complete skater boy and bmx boy it get really boring so yeah
leisha ryan review leisha ryan
Good but
Something is missing I think it needs a brake or you have to balance the bike instead of just jumping
Nadiir Shariif review Nadiir Shariif
Bmx boy
It is a cool and sick game hanad so u better watch ur mouth and the problem was that u had to keep pressing the thing which was tiring
Ali Karim review Ali Karim
Mbx boy
This game is very silt and I love his butifoul moves .
InnocEnt ShEtaN review InnocEnt ShEtaN
When i restore my phone . Firstly i install this BMX BOY GAME. #KING
Roniya Clifford review Roniya Clifford
Loved it
Awesome game. Best game EVER. You should like this game I do ?☺. I just love it. Don't you???☺☺?
Raymond San Miguel review Raymond San Miguel
Hh him, he said he can't do anything all right reserved for
Amen Jesus and the other day I can do to make a kik my cousin
Mecayla Cooper review Mecayla Cooper
Its the best game ever, since I was 7 years old it was the hard to understand now I am 12 years old and its awesome
Arihant manish review Arihant manish
I should not give even 1 star
While Playing ads r coming and i m losing the game