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BMX Boy 1.16.45 apk, update on 2019-08-07
Speeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the air and landing safety. The game "BMX Boy" is so easy but super fun.

You only need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles on the road and get the scores as possible as you can.

The way to play is very easy.
Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right one is accelerating and the other one is jumping).Show some cool tricks in the air can get extra points.

-Clear and simple pictures
-3 different terrains
-90 cool and addictive levels.
-Various cool tricks.
-More levels are coming soon.

BMX Boy APK reviews

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unni krishnan review unni krishnan
Supperrrr bmx stunts. Good graphics, easy to play. Nice game try it
Pooja Dabas Dahiya review Pooja Dabas Dahiya
Its easy but very enjoy full game
The game is addictive. And challenging type controls are ok I really didn't like them but hey if I was a person to recommend the fame I say yes the game has many levels it's challenging and u unlock cool tying its funny how the guy yells owww and how his braces stick out PLZ GETTHE GAME
Amazing game , good graphics, great time pass
Amazing and super fun
This is a super fun app but really easy to use. Its so amazing that my sisters and brother start playing it. I hope that others enjoy it to. ? It has so many challenging levels. Be careful because you can become addicted to this game. I love this app!!! ?
ChrisPat Jones review ChrisPat Jones
Its just a simple game but still can challenge you in certain places....I liked it. I've played it several times before then uninstall. A few months go by and I reinstall cause it's fun.
Ronea Williams review Ronea Williams
Great time killer
This game is a great time killer if i need to kill some time and i have nothing else to do i will play this game bmx boy its just a great time killer i love it sooooo bad
Naomi Sharp review Naomi Sharp
Absolutely amazing!!!
I have installed the his game so many times because I've completed it! It's such a good game you'd never regret getting it!!
Shahul Hameed review Shahul Hameed
Good game but....
In wheat field 5 th level I caught all the stars but the blue star is still not filled and does not show the high score.....please see to it.....
This game is so God to play with .If we are. Bored and we play this game our boreness is gone in no time
Ilja Y. review Ilja Y.
Great game
Sadly you cant get a highscore (blue star) on level 7 and you cant get all trophies on level 17 of the wheat field section... hope you fix it - otherwise i finished the game100%
James Otis review James Otis
When I first received this game I thought it looked hella cheesy. But after playing the game. I have to say that it is hella good. Addicting.
Husna Maisarah review Husna Maisarah
I've already download it 3 years before.But,I thought this game is awesome.Cause,1=MB to download it is not more then 10.00MB 2=This game are relaxing. 3=Easy game
Shang Arshad review Shang Arshad
It was too easy. Too freaking easy! Is this game meant for a 4-year-old kid? Mediocre graphics, lots of ads... Just loves it!