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Track your blood pressure, heart monitor. Provide information and export data.

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Blood Pressure Tracker description

Tired of writing about your blood pressure every day? Blood Pressure Tracker is a perfect choice for you! You can easily track your blood pressure and monitor your heart rate for free on your phone. This app allows you to note the date and time, find out information and understand your blood pressure at any time.

❓ Why should you download the Blood Pressure app?
- Control your blood pressure: A simple way to analyze and observe your health status, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other indicators.
- Track health data: All you need is to enter information about blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, weight, and height. We will help you create charts for the best self-monitoring and control.
- Give advice if you have problems with health: The application provides all information about blood pressure such as hypertension, hypotension or how to improve health.

🔥 Key features of the Blood Pressure tracker app:
🌟 Record blood pressure status daily
- Users will fill in blood pressure information according to 3 values: Systolic, Diastolic, and Pulse.
- The indicators will be saved, the application will give a tracking chart every day. You can easily monitor anytime you want.

🌟 Identify blood pressure zones
- Blood Pressure monitor app provides information about different Systolic and Diastolic ranges. After users enter indicators, this app will give the result for users to better understand their condition.
- Instead, we collect and arrange exercises, diet plans according to experts. You can rest assured and do it every day for better health.

🌟 Monitor Blood Pressure and edit data in the diary
- Easily import your indicators and compare them with other days.
- You can watch the whole history of your blood pressure to know the best period for your health, take notes or delete unnecessary data.

🌟 Provide information about heart rate, blood sugar, weight and BMI
- The application allows users to enter the indicators about heart rate, blood sugar, weight and height.
- After that, we will give the BMI result. Moreover, we provide information related to the above indicators to users.

🌟 Food Scanner and Smart Alarm
- Fast food scanners make it easy for you to scan barcodes to check if it's healthy.
- You can set the alarm to get notifications about the time to measure your blood pressure, take medicines or do exercises.

👉 Free Blood Pressure app is useful and necessary for all ages in blood control processing. This app helps users monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate. You can also track other indicators such as weight, height, BMI following the information provided. Export all your health data reports for further analysis and medical consultation.

💖 Download Blood Pressure Tracker to experience the professional health tracking app. Boost your health with useful information, do exercise and diet menus we provide in the app right now!

❗❗ Note:
- The tips we provide are only for reference.
- The application does not replace professional medical equipment and other blood pressure.
- This Blood Pressure health app can only be used in medicine as a support device for writing down indicators.

If you have any questions about the app or related information, contact support email: [email protected].
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