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About this product

A fun and challenging wood block game.

BlockPuz -Woody Block Puzzle description

BlockPuz -Woody Block Puzzle is newly launched!
A very distinctive level mode to complete the target, with rich changes and challenging level modes, you will definitely not be able to stop playing!
The gameplay is simple and easy, which is very suitable for killing time; the exquisite wooden style and comfortable and pleasant BGM will make you spend a pleasant game time.

Level Mode: We have added a lot of interesting objectives and props, so that you will not get bored after playing for a long time
Points Mode: Challenge your highest score!
Puzzle Mode: Pieces of wood into a complete shape.

How to play:
Drag shapes into the checkerboard to fill in the blanks
Fill any row or column to trigger elimination
wooden blocks can be rotated
Complete the level objectives to win!
If there is no room on the board to place new blocks, the game will end.

Game Features:
Simple rules and comfortable operation
Three modes to exercise the brain
No WiFi required, enjoy the game
Small innovation to provide a grid to place temporarily unnecessary blocks

A lot of players have downloaded BlockPuz -Woody Block Puzzle, what are you waiting for, join in, come and try the exciting challenges carefully prepared for you. You will have an unforgettable experience.
You can also invite friends to play together for even more fun!
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