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BLACKJACK! 1.130 apk, update on 2020-07-25
BLACKJACK 21: THE BEST Blackjack GAMES ONLINE or OFFLINE! Play Las Vegas Casino Blackjack 21 with the Black Jack 21 FREE APP!

The Best FREE blackjack card game app! Play LIVE tournaments online or offline!

Authentic free Blackjack Games on Android - Blackjack 21 FREE can’t be beat! Play the best Blackjack Twentyone card game TODAY!

This free blackjack games app is intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this free blackjack 21 game does not imply future success at real money gambling.

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Pegasus Heng review Pegasus Heng
I have spent a lot of time building up my chips. The recent software upgrade cause a no of problems. But the customer service seems very slow to response. Super Lucky groups games are generally ok. But i dont know y the Bjack team seems to have some problems. Slotties better think twice b4 u put real $ in. See my profile in google play im a geniune player. I seldom give bad comments on slot companies. Unless it is so bad i have to spend a lot of time typing.
Gay Dale review Gay Dale
Super game make you think thoughly enjoying.
Clive Owers review Clive Owers
Black Jack player
It works and its free
Sylvia Ennels review Sylvia Ennels
Love it but....
If this is play no money offline how do u continue to play when u run out of coins? ....I'm stuck!
Ann Marie Smith review Ann Marie Smith
LoudPack Devin review LoudPack Devin
The game is fun and fair
Jim Ready review Jim Ready
4 hour delay to play?!
Great app otherwise but the fact you make somebody wait 4 hours before they can play again if they lose their money is a complete joke! All you are trying to do is to entice folks to buy chips which anybody with a brain will never do! Do you know how many other apps out there do not make you wait if you lose your money? I am using a different one now and no longer need your ridiculous app.
Kate Hopkinson review Kate Hopkinson
Just like the real thing
I love this game more than any other Black Jack I have played before. So far everything seems like it's the luck of the draw, not the computer programed to beat you all the time. I really am enjoying this game of 21!
Holly Stone-Strickland review Holly Stone-Strickland
I have played many different versions of 21 as well as other card games. At times you feel as if you are being cheated. This version thus far has been extremely fun to play and I feel I am getting a fair shot at winning. Great Job!!
Logan Sanderson review Logan Sanderson
Not a fan.
It is a addicting game that I enjoy playing, but I can almost always predict what the dealer will have. Kind of annoying soon your out of chips and then you can purchase more. If I want to piss away my money I'm going to the real black tables.
Pegasus Heng review Pegasus Heng
I highly recommend super lucky's blackjack. Of all blackjack companies, i can safely say that they are one of the better companies around in terms of customer service and support if u have problems with coins purchase. The recent software debacle was resolved after the holidays are over. I wanted to sincerely thanked those technical staff for making the latest ver 1.126 worked.
Mona Van Der Merwe review Mona Van Der Merwe
Mrs Susanna v d Merwe
I hate it to be interabded thats sn easy way to break your consentration so uou automatically loose!! So please if i need ads of any sort i'll look tv or buy a book. I dont want ur adds disturbing my game. What ever i do i"de like to focus!! NO ADDS PLEASE!! THANKS
geoff barbe review geoff barbe
Too many ads
As others have said. You are rolling along getting into a groove and then BAM!! An ad pops up and stops everything. And to make it worse, there are always two in a row. Then just when you have forgotten about the last interruption to your game...BAM!!! Two more ads. Come on...we are already playing one of your games....why do you want us to stop just to play a different one? So you can throw even more ads in our face? Otherwise, a good game.
This is a very enjoyable app. My only problem is that when you have a high hand combination like 18-20 and the dealer has a 10-point card, then the dealer's other face down card turns out to be another 10-point card leading to do a 20. Its pretty predictable and frustrating knowing that it happens a higher rate than expected
Rika Bronsther review Rika Bronsther
Used to be great. Hate the changes
Stupid banner (not an ad) pops up every 3 hands. More than very annoying. It Stops the flow of play. Ruined what was my favorite game...