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BlaaChat 1.0.36 apk, update on 2020-08-02
BlaaChat : Decentralized anonymity! Security! Messenger Chat!

Decentralized anonymity on the Blockchain platform! Security ! Message
Provide an easy way to log in and create certificate through Blockchain certification
Certificate-based logging can ensure anonymity and protect personal information.
While chatting are encrypted to All messages and can protect the security of users ' privacy.
Registered members easily are important anonymity: No email! No phone number! No Name! No need for any information. It is possible to create a certificate using two information ID and password
Blockchain-based Certificate login: A certificate is required to log in. If there is no certification, you can't log in.
Using the existing hacked log in way and applying additional certification log in way can secure chat information and protect cryptocurrency assets securely, due to fixes to the problem of hacking.
In addition, the existing banking certification methods must be renewed, but the Blockchain-based certificate can be used without renewal.

1. End to End Encryption of All messages: encrypted messages as the chat-based, therefore BlaaChat's chat service can protect your privacy anytime, anywhere.

2. Encrypted online chats can use blockchain: it can deposit Blockchain and can use Escrow service (Escrow) through the Blockchain to conduct secure transactions.

3. Probably preserve the property of BlaaChat and Blockchain platform assets securely. It provides a fast money transfer service and a fast P2P system.

4. In the Virtual Earth!: Imagining the earth to be able to carry out the land purchase, through owning the land you become the owner of the land. In addition, when buying land, you can exploit the Blood endorsement of POBA ownership. If you plant Btamin, you can harvest periodic Btamin.