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Big O and Dukes 7.0.1 apk, update on 2018-04-21
Big O and Dukes is one of the highest rated comedy podcasts and now it's mobile. Download all of their shows and stream without a connection, automatically manage your downloads, and more!

App Features
- Push notifications let you know when the show is live. Quick access to call the show!
- Full access to your RELOADED premium episodes and the entire BOAD network.
- Precision progress bar displays exactly what has been listened
- Time-coded bookmarks lets you quickly access your favorite moments for replay
- Sleep timer lets you listen at night and slowly fades audio out
- Create a playlist of all your favorite episodes for continuous playback
- Media controls that works with bluetooth, headphone controls, and notification panel
- Optimized for the latest Android phones and tablets
- Advanced settings to configure automatic downloads, playback rate, custom skip forward and backward amounts, and so much more!

Podcast Show List
- Big O and Dukes Show
- Big O and Dukes Reloaded
- Rally The Horde
- The Minority Report
- Hard Times and Weirdness

About Big O and Dukes

With a 10 year passionate terrestrial radio following. The Big O and Dukes show has a mind-blowing 5.5 million downloads to date. This current incarnation is its purest form. From pop-culture to politics, each approaches subject matter from very different perspectives. So pull up a seat, turn up the volume and step into the studio with Chad Dukes, Oscar Santana and Drab T-Shirt, by the end of each show you’ll have laughed yourself right out of your chair, but have gained a window into the lives of three new friends. #LLTH #BOAD

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NOTE: Reloaded access requires a subscription. Visit the BOAD website for details.

Big O and Dukes APK reviews

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Dempsey Army review Dempsey Army
It's brutal. It crashes A LOT. It's a battery hog, when it crashes it won't pick up where it left off like other audio apps. Process continues to run and appear on the phone after I close it. The only reason it gets a second star is that it makes the Reloaded content very easy to access. If I wasn't a Reloaded subscriber, I would've deleted it months ago. Love, love , love the show...hate the app.
Lubomyr Murashchik review Lubomyr Murashchik
These guys are my favorite DJ's, and I grew up listening to Stern. There's no direct way to describe the magic and chemistry on the show... You just have to give it a listen, and you will understand.
Tikur Anebesa review Tikur Anebesa
Crashes a lot
Love the shows....wanted to use the app to listen to reloaded, however it crashes everytime before a show is finished. Same prob on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPad 3.
Teri Johnson review Teri Johnson
What happened??
Oscar, you & Tomo gotta fix this crashes all the time & signs me out of reloaded..its just so frustrating to have to search for my place again. For now I guess I will use the web site:-(
Jonathan Durst review Jonathan Durst
Great App. Can't wait for the live stream access on it.
Ronald Ridgley review Ronald Ridgley
The New App Is Here
Long Live The Horde.
Christopher Ardalan review Christopher Ardalan
The history between Smoscar, Fukes, and Lips is incredible. Unlike some podcasts that have been on for a while, you can jump in and laugh at most inside jokes right away. They just get even better when you know what's going on. The app is very basic and kind of sucks though... The show is definitely still worth it.
Kyle Lambie review Kyle Lambie
Normally a good app for the best podcast out there. However, today I could even start the app. So I'm reinstalling it right now and hoping that works
Chris review Chris
Turn off Doze!
For those of you having issue with the app closing - turn of Dose! That is what i s shutting it down, not the app itself. Great job on the show and love getting all of my BOAD content in one spot. LLTH!
Doug Jeffries review Doug Jeffries
Was 5 now app wont open. Tried reinstalling but it doesn't work. Im not a taker, ive been listening to BOAD for years, now the app doesn't work. If you need me im listening to the RODKAST
burnnotice206 review burnnotice206
Pretty good... But won't close
I like the app but there are major issues with it. Primary you can't close it.. It hangs in notification area. You have to manually end the app in Settings/Apps
Eric Brown review Eric Brown
Shuts down frequently, can't delete shows from main screen. Love the show and am a reloaded subscriber, but the app experience is sub par.
philip wallace review philip wallace
Can't log in
I am unable to log in for Reloaded. I've tried changing passwords, and even made a new account, still says incorrect login info. I can listen to everything except reloaded on the app which is nice, just wish it would play reloaded!
Chris Clark review Chris Clark
First of all who needs a specific app for each podcast you listen too? Nobody. Honestly the only reason to use this over any true podcast app is if you are a Reloaded subscriber. Since nobody on staff can figure out how to send a password protected RSS feed, you are forced into this app for the premium show content. Fear not though, you'll be forced to log in every time you try and open Reloaded. God forbid you live somewhere with spotty, or no cell coverage and are without wifi. Yes, this is even the case AFTER the new show is downloaded to your phone. Once you are listening that's all you can do. Try and do anything else on your phone and the playback stops. It will not remember where you left off either. So re-open the app, hope you are near wifi so it can authenticate the content ALREADY ON YOUR PHONE and you're back in business. I guess this is a way to make sure they have eyes on the ads that they feed to people that are already PAYING for the content. Oh, don't forget to Force Stop the app when you are done. It's about the only way it will close.
chuck marshall review chuck marshall
Chuck marshall
This app needs work. Poorly developed. If you do ANYTHING else on your phone while listening to their podcast, it stops and you have to restart the app. No attempt to fix the app has been attempted since the app was made public. PLEASE FIX, BIG O AND DUKES ARE HILARIOUS!!!!