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Bell Fibe TV apk, update on 2018-10-30
The Fibe TV app is available to Bell and Bell Aliant Fibe TV clients as well as Bell Satellite, Alt and Mobile TV clients.

All clients can:
- Watch live and on demand content on the screen of their choice at home or on the go.
- Browse the programming guide and on demand library.
- Search programming easily using a full keyboard.
- Set alerts notification to never miss their favorite shows.

Fibe TV clients can also:
- Turn their smartphone or tablet into a remote control and seamlessly transfer what they’re watching to their TV.
- Watch and manage their recordings from anywhere.

- Mobile TV clients must subscribe to a Mobile TV feature add-on.
- Alt TV clients must subscribe to select Internet packages.
- Available on unmodified Android 4.2 or newer.

To learn more, visit:
Bell Fibe TV clients:
Bell Aliant Fibe TV clients:
Satellite TV clients:
Alt TV clients:
Mobile TV clients:

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Bell Fibe TV APK reviews

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Isaias De Leon review Isaias De Leon
Leanna Rowe review Leanna Rowe
Half way in the contract bell takes it away. Now have to pay. Contract said 10 free hours.
Winston Salmon review Winston Salmon
Works perfectly! But wish I could access my recorded programs as well.
Akselphoto Android review Akselphoto Android
Got it with my phone. Can not get rid off since
Tyson Gompf review Tyson Gompf
Few problems
I try to watch the show brothers in arms on crave tv and it works good for a while then when you reach the middle of an episode it keeps repeating parts that i have already seen. I watch a scene and the show goes on and then it suddenly back tracks and shows the last scene again. Please fix this major glitch
Jim Townsend review Jim Townsend
I can only use it at home with WiFi. . Plus, I can't connect my phone to my 50 inch tv using my Samsung screen mirroring capability.The app says "No external monitors". So I get to sit by my big tv and squint at my phone's screen. Next to useless...
Hugh Fairweather review Hugh Fairweather
Bell TV is like a virus on my Samsung Galaxy. After deleting Bell TV it will re-install itself again shortly after without permission or notice. Very disappointing customer care!
J Spalding review J Spalding
I paid for my TV usage but the app crashes
When a show actually opens and begins to play, every few minutes it freezes or blacks out with an error message to try again later. Plus there is a long list of channels where only 30% of them are actually accessible! What a waste!
Samer Serhan review Samer Serhan
Lte streaming
Simply pathetic. I'm a bell TV customer, why do I have to have a bell mobility phone to access the streams over data? I have a corporate mobile plan with rogers and im happy with that. Bell are control freaks. Switching to rogers asap seriously
Rachele Macaulay review Rachele Macaulay
I don't like that it keeps reinstalling ?
Josh Blowme review Josh Blowme
Too many useless apps on Samsung phones this is one of them.
Rohan McLaughlin review Rohan McLaughlin
Wish I could rate 0.
Fernand Recollet review Fernand Recollet
Expect to pay up the a$$ if u use your 5hrs up on wifi or use your data and for people that think they have a mobile tv plan lookout $$$$ that deal does not apply anymore!
Conor Stoddart review Conor Stoddart
Terrible app, only thing it's good for is crashing! You get next to no channels and you have to watch over wifi...defeats the whole purpose of mobile TV. Bell are a bunch of crooks and are probably laughing at all of us and how much money they rob on a daily basis
Jamie Leung review Jamie Leung
I can watch the NBA finials in it!!! XDDD