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BDM Globalizer
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BDM Globalizer 1.9.8 apk, update on 2018-09-22
English patch installer for Black Desert Mobile

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using the "Show Support" menu in the installer

Click the avatar icon at the top for general guides
This menu also includes debugging & other tools
or visit for support

The BDO Mobile Patch English was founded by:
Ansoni (
Shadowtrance (

Black Desert Mobile game files are stored exclusively in the device internal storage.
This cannot be changed through the patch and requires root to read, edit, or replace.

Per the Black Desert Mobile Operations Policy, the patch is provided free to the public.
The patch does not expose any vulnerabilities or provide any gameplay advantages.

This application is not associated with "Black Desert" or Pearl Abyss in any form.
All source images are public domain and the property of their respective owners.

BDM Globalizer APK reviews

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John Wagner review John Wagner
Thank you very much! Been using this for awhile now just to understand the game especially that game is originally Korean. Although items names can't be translated because it's server-side. Thanks again keep up with the great work!
phantomneb gaming review phantomneb gaming
very useful app and is free. kudos to the devs who takes time updating this app.
Yudi Wahyudi review Yudi Wahyudi
A Google user review A Google user
Thumbs UP! And please read the guide carefully. This application requires your device to be Rooted.
Rave Bitz review Rave Bitz
Need root ..