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Battleheart Legacy 1.2.5 apk, update on 1970-01-01
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The spirit of Battleheart returns, re-imagined! In Battleheart Legacy, you will explore a rich and detailed fantasy world, customize your unique hero with dozens of powerful skills and items, do battle with hordes of enemies, encounter quirky characters and discover the stories of a troubled realm. Will you become a powerful wizard, or a notorious rogue? A noble knight, or a savage barbarian? How will you forge your legacy?

••• Features •••
• A refined real-time combat system, based on the award-winning "Battleheart". Move your character or attack your foes through simple taps, and unleash powerful special moves at the right moment to turn the tide of battle!
• Unparalleled animation and VFX make every battle a visual feast!
• An astounding 150+ unique skills across 12 classes to customize your character with. Poison your foes, crush them with giant two-handed weapons, put them to sleep with a song, or simply blow them up with a meteor strike. And with our unique multi-classing system, it's possible to combine classes into a nearly limitless number of combinations.
• Over 200 unique pieces of equipment to further tailor your character's play style.
• Incredible boss battles that will put your hero to the test!

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Battleheart Legacy APK reviews

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Ryan McCarty review Ryan McCarty
Very few RPGs really give you the freedom to role play. This game is one of them. You are not chained to a plot, after a quick tutorial, you are off on your own. You can build any character you like as you go, make choices that affect your progression. My only gripe is that there isn't enough quests to fill up the whole game, leaving you to mostly grind for the sake of grinding. Still, I would love to see a sequel to this, perhaps with more to do such as crafting.
William Scharpf review William Scharpf
Awesome game, the fact that you can mix and match skills to make your own custom class is sick, and really adds to the replay value. My only complaint is that the end game equipment is rather limited. After spending the entire game building a dodging ninja maniac there's no legendary katana? And all the legendary armor is focused on crit?
Joe Scott review Joe Scott
Battleheart use to be the first app i ever installed on a new android. Now they take the mechanics from battleheart and make an epic rpg. also has a great, super, fantastic leveling mechanic where stats are the restriction on skills. Worth every penny and more some. It a little plot light but come on. The fact that you have multiple chat options is amazing. Pay these guys more m9ney!!! They need to make more games. Currently have 45 hours in and just beat the game.
D. Richardson review D. Richardson
It's a great game that doesn't eat into my life when I have other things to do. I love it, my kids love it. I've played it all the way through and continue to play (to try out spell and equipment configurations) when I'm bored or waiting for something. It's definitely worth the money.
Artur Frycze review Artur Frycze
5 star just to show my love to the very few developers that sell games fair. Paid upfront, without IAPs (aka. Paid ingame cheat codes). Few things could be improved though... I need a map and a quest log for starters :-)
Ritlong Mahawong review Ritlong Mahawong
This is a really fun game. Spent a lot of time trying different classes and skills combination. What could be better is: 1. multiplayer pvp and co-op; 2. quest and suitable level map tracker; 3. don't know if this happened to galaxy note 3 only or to other divices as well but I have to force stop to exit the game. no exit botton.
Darryl spease review Darryl spease
Absolutely love this game. The class selection is what android is missing. You rocked my world with the classes. Take this game add joystick movement and open world and you will have a huge hit in the mmorpg world. Still its the vast selection for classes and the ability to mix them to make what you want. Thats what gaming is about in this style. Why no one can stick to that baffles me. Im so glad to get away from the cookie cutter for a moment.
James Wrightson review James Wrightson
Battleheart takes me back to my high school years. The simple, fast and attractive game design made it all gave that game charm. Battleheart Legacy is no different. From the wide array of classes, perks, weapons and quests, I feel the same joy I did so many years ago. Any half decent review includes individual constructive criticism. In my opinion, I feel lonely playing the game with only a single hero to level. That said, this game deserves every star. I hope for more content in the future for Battleheart
Mikayla Spencer review Mikayla Spencer
I wish I would have came across this game sooner. I have only played it for an hour or two so far, but I can tell I am already going to get addicted. The graphics are gorgeous, and the character customization with classes and skills looks very fun. Great game and worth the price!
Ric Turner review Ric Turner
This game has so much potential. The gameplay and superb choice of skills for various character builds are what make this game awesome, but it is missing a few things that could take it next level: Story and rich lore and character building, crafting, weapon enchanting, side quests, MUCH more loot. I will be keeping an eye on the game and hopefully they will continue to develop it. It's so much more then all the other timer wall/ pay to win rubbish out there
max kokuei review max kokuei
Superb controls. Lot of replay value (classes, difficulty settings, crazy mode, choices). Cuteish graphics. Story a bit linear(despite being ironically self-conscious). Overall well worth a buy. Probably the best casual rpg out there (that is not a remake). Ps. Game seems to have gone way over the heads of some reviewers.
Jefferson Bargeron IV review Jefferson Bargeron IV
I dunno what else to say, but get it, play it... I'd like to meet the creators, cause they must be pretty awesome themselves... Can't believe you haven't gotten anymore than 10k DLs in 6 months!? ... Someone isn't getting the word out how great this game is!
Naim Alauddin review Naim Alauddin
Last updated on 10 Nov 2014. Seriously?? Come on.... add some more quests, monsters or equipments.. I love this game but a few updates once in awhile doesn't hurt. I used to rate 4/5.. down to 3/5 because it lack update. Come on dev... ._.
Tommy Snell review Tommy Snell
Fantastic game. Was skeptical and left this game on my wishlist for a long time, but now I wish I had bought it long ago. To share one tip for players that stick with it, The Oozing Dark location and the Cleanse ability work so well together for XP farming. I only wish MikaMobile had the guts to make a new multiplayer version of this game theme. I would easily pay a $5-$10 monthly subscription fee for such a phenomenally designed game that I could enjoy with my friends. Otherwise, quite satisfied with the purchase, well worth the money and with no extra gimmicks or microtransactions to squeeze any more out of you.
Randolph Rueba review Randolph Rueba
BHL is a nice. The writing is humorous, the battles often engaging and sometimes challenging. Gameplay mechanics are smooth, as long as you don't miss-click, which tends to happen. Big gripes for me are: story and quests. The story is meagre, some side-quests are actually more engaging. And there are just not enough quests in BHL to let you level up, which means... having to *gasp* GRIND. Ugh. Otherwise, well worth your hard-earned dough.