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Battery Sense Widget
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Battery Sense Widget 1.0 apk, update on 2017-12-07
The Battery Sense Widget helps you quickly see your current battery sensor information. It will periodically warn you when extreme conditions are met by color or sound indications.. The warning condition alerts used: extreme battery temperature (RED) alert + ALARM/VIBRATE, minimal operating time (YELLOW) alert, or remaining power battery percent remaining (MAGENTA) alert. You can click on the widget to update the sensor information. Otherwise, it will be updated periodically. When the screen is off the Battery Sense Widget can still inform you by audio alarm/vibrate alerts.

The use of an alarm sound for temperature warnings, maximum allowable temperature, hours remaining, and battery percent remaining parameters are configurable from the app main launcher. The main launcher also contains a Help screen showing the visual indicators represented by the widget.

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