Battery Saving Analog Clocks APK

Battery Saving Analog Clocks
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Battery Saving Analog Clocks 3.3 apk, update on 2017-04-16
Your screen will be with a beautiful analog clocks, which are more battery friendly than many other live wallpapers.
It makes you see the time all the time when your screen is on!

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Try a lite version to estimate the quality of wallpaper!

Buy the full version with additional functions such date!

♦ Clockfaces:
- White (Default)
- Black
- Roman
- Rome transparent
- Digital

♦ Backgrounds: 5 different ones

♦ Correcting clock size

♦ Correcting clock position

♦ Seconds arrow modes: ticks, flowing or disabled (in the full version!)

♦ Date (in the full version!)

♦ Quick settings

♦ Alarm launcher

Additional information:

♦ Wallpaper supports phones and tablets (landscape and portrait orientation)
♦ Battery saving:
- Redrawing of clocks maximum one time per second with seconds arrow enabled (in tick mode of seconds arrow, FPS limit in this case affects only to accuracy of updating time) and one time per minute when disabled.
- Consumption of resources is only if visible
- Frames per second limit
- Choosing of textures quality
♦ OpenGL ES 2.0 required

Some of the described functions are only available when purchasing the full version. Application can be extended to the full version by downloading the paid version. When you taking in-app purchases, you get lifetime access to the acquired functions, even if your phone changed or data is lost.

Battery Saving Analog Clocks APK reviews

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Ami Shachar review Ami Shachar
Light version is waste of time Cannot tel about "battery saving" so I saved my time and energy and kicked it away immediately
Isreal Eniayesanfun Feyijimi review Isreal Eniayesanfun Feyijimi
Its' nice, for me is working well bt I plead give us some juice of full version I will appreciate it, thanks so much.
Praveen Kumar.D review Praveen Kumar.D
Excellent App..
Love it
very nice
Purusu Reddy review Purusu Reddy
Really loved it..good job
Deepak Kumar Singh review Deepak Kumar Singh
Full support, lovely and really working
Satvik Nayak review Satvik Nayak
Nice App
Really happy with the performance . Very small and easy
Great clocks
Would like to donate but can't find anywhere to do! Easy to see and I have pore eyesight so thank you ?????
Background selection is too good
Md Javed alam review Md Javed alam
Super app
Please add date name facilities
Yogendrasing Thoke review Yogendrasing Thoke
great clock!,
Helmy Hefny review Helmy Hefny
So far so good. Thanks for the team
jar mar review jar mar
This app is so brilliant because of the different clocks you can get on the this app. And one thing I like with this app is the way you can position the clock on the screen and adjust the different sizes of the clock and I would like to see a retro digital clock on this app. And this is why I give this 4 stars
saurabh verma review saurabh verma
Its nice app but features and interface is not good. Although as per rating it should be updated with a new version.
Samer Ebdah review Samer Ebdah
The Clock is Charged