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Basketball Stars
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Basketball Stars 1.2.1 apk, update on 2016-03-14
We've designed a perfect basketball game including both basketball shot and tournament. 3D realistic physics, detailed stunning graphics take you into a real basketball experience. Customize your basketball player by connecting to your Facebook account and share your scores in Google Plus and Facebook. Besides, you can buy new balls and unlock new environments with the coins you earned in basketball tournaments and missions.

Play easy or hard mode. Select one of the environments: City Park, Basketball Court, and Garage. After selecting the basketball and the player, go to rock! There are various missions and submissions to complete and to earn coins. At each trophy, new features are waiting you. Test and develop your skills at basketball shot in one player mode. At the beginning of this sport game, you should complete 60 Seconds Rush where you shoot baskets as many as you can in 60 seconds, Career in which you achieve the target basket, 9 Lives to shoot baskets in 9 different angles, and 1 Ball Hero missions.

If you like multiplayer basketball games, Basketball Stars offers you many basketball tournaments where you challenge a real online player around the world. Make flawless shots to get the highest score. Challenge all the online players and get all the trophies!

Basketball Stars offers you real basketball environment where you smash and shoot to develop your skills at basketball sport. Super slam dunk, basketball jam and more are in this game to keep basketball mania going.


- One of the most realistic basketball games
- Multiplayer and one player modes
- Easy and hard options
- 5 main trophy with various submissions
- Customizable basketball player and the ball
- Three environments: City Park, Basketball Court, and Garage
- Changeable camera views
- Stunning graphics and realistic 3D physics
- Connectable to Facebook and Google Plus accounts
- Shooting bar to set your angle and power

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