Ball-Hop Anniversary APK

<span >Ball-Hop Anniversary</span>
Ball-Hop Anniversary apk, update on 2018-03-15

Ball-Hop Anniversary APK reviews

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Cynthia Alonso review Cynthia Alonso
Love this game! Play it all the time! Even at the arcades. Never too old to play this game.
Tiffaney Reeves review Tiffaney Reeves
Use to love but
I would love to give it a five but lost 1500 tickets. And no help getting them back.
edna terwilliger review edna terwilliger
Not exciting enough. Should have a surprise in each game. Maybe a thousand point pop up once every few games.
Lela Stirgus review Lela Stirgus
My New Love!
Awesome game....tooooooo many game pop-ups...enough already!
Julie Shepherd review Julie Shepherd
I like it.its a super duper game to play. I give it two tumbes up.
Gayle McDonough review Gayle McDonough
Ball hop
Game is touchy but once you get used to it it's ok. Other than that it's just fun.
Nadine Yakovich review Nadine Yakovich
It's fun and addicting sure does make time go by fast
todd reaker review todd reaker
Retro fun
Great graphics, very smooth game play and fun sounds
Tabitha Siegal review Tabitha Siegal
Super cool
But I don't understand where the prizes go after you get them. . Any where?
David R. review David R.
Simple and Fun
A good game 2 have when u need time 2 waste
Tracey Trujillo review Tracey Trujillo
Can be addicting for mindless entertainment
Once I learned the best way to shoot the ball, it would be nice to change scenes or difficulty sooner. Overall I like the game
Marjorie Rich review Marjorie Rich
Fun game, wish it had a practice mode. With 50 to 100 balls.
Ann Tate review Ann Tate
Going to take away stars
For each additional time it asks me to rate it. I did start with 5, as it is fun to play. Purchased to stop the adverts, now it keeps asking to be rated.
Ashleigh monet review Ashleigh monet
It's hard to get the balls in the higher top numbers but I managed to get the center holes...
Meggan Stewart review Meggan Stewart
Good game to just play
No actual thought required just swipe and play.