Babysitter Craziness: Kids Fun APK

Babysitter Craziness: Kids Fun
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Babysitter Craziness: Kids Fun 1.0.2 apk, update on 2017-03-03
It’s BABYSITTER CRAZINESS! Join the Babysitter Club and become the best babysitter around! Use your amazing babysitter skills to take care of 4 adorable, lively kids! Have a great day with the little cuties, filled with contests, sandcastles, and MADNESS!

It’s time to show off your babysitting skills and give those little rascals the time of their lives! Invite their fuzzy friends to a Teddy Bear Picnic! Build a fabulous tent in their bedroom and get the kids ready to put on a show! Play tons of fun games in the toy room!

> Join the Babysitter Club and wear your coolest babysitting clothes!
> Design babysitter posters to promote your babysitting skills!
> Babysitting is quite an adventure - save the toy room from complete chaos!
> Playtime with the kids - puzzles, painting & more!
> Playground fun – build sandcastles in the sandbox & more!
> Oh no – the kids got hurt! Treat their boo-boos so they’re ready to play!
> Be the judge of tons of fun kids’ contests!
> Prepare a yummy Teddy Bear Picnic!
> Fairy Tale Festival time! Make a stage out of blankets and colorful ribbons.
> Dress the kids up in amazing costumes for magnificent fairy tale playtime!
> Where did the kids go? Play hide-and-seek until you find them!
> Give the kids a bubble bath and feed them supper! Oh no - a food fight! Break it up!
> Hurry! Get the kids all tucked up in their cozy beds before the parents get home!

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Babysitter Craziness: Kids Fun APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
It seems as though some of the reviews are dishonestly submitted to give this game an overall great review. My daughter has tried playing the game several times with multiple downloads and it continues to freeze up. It think it would be a cute game if it would actually work. I wouldn't waste my time on this game. Plenty of other fun, free games.
Jbat 7 review Jbat 7
When i was making pictures with my sister we wanted to hang it up but guess what? The kids came over knocked down the painting and we had to do it again. Then it happened again. Also Ads pop up whenever at random times and we have to watch them. Also there are adult ads there which i hate. I dont like the game and neither does my sister but she cannot get enough. You're lucky she likes it for now.
A Google user review A Google user
The ads are annoying to my sister and even she gets annoyed and she's three. 5.00 for no ads what a scam fix these ads
Jeff Andrews review Jeff Andrews
??? why doesn't this app come with ever thing
Gething Greene review Gething Greene
The game is very good and my little brother enjoyed it very much. The only thing is please give us more things to do with the kids
Cherri Rosier review Cherri Rosier
The ads are so annoying and whenever it pops out I need to start over again and over again🙄
A Google user review A Google user
Think they should make it so one you have done all the activities the parents should come home
SopheyH. Boyd review SopheyH. Boyd
This game is stupid please don't waste your time🙏when ever it votes for you it takes you back to the main menu then dosnt let you press start this stupid game should be banned
A Google user review A Google user
It is a really good game but it would be better if there were more activities 👍
Angelle Hyde review Angelle Hyde
I am glad to be taking care of the little ones there just to cute to get mad at them COMPLAINT I DON'T LIKE ADS I HAVE TO WHAT JUST FOR SOMETHING THAT I REALLY WANT TO GET GO TABTALE
Brittz Ldn review Brittz Ldn
Bat gaming I play roblox my name is DelightfulDjCookie26 yours? This game is alright...BUT THE. KIDS KNOCKED MEH PAINTING. >.<
A Google user review A Google user
It was awesome but the second pile of sand I tried to put it in the box it wouldn't work
A Google user review A Google user
So awesome I would recommend playing it everyday except the ads I'm really really wasn't happy with the ads like adults and we're only kids they're like adults apps and we're only kids why would they do that those trying to get money or something like that 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Laura Jones review Laura Jones
It freezes way to much I just started playing it and it froze and there s way ntomany ads
A Google user review A Google user
Its a bit nice when I play this as a first timer yeah its great but when I play it longer I realize it has so many ads, while I'm playing, the ad keeps disappearing,