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The easiest way to count your baby kicks

Baby Kicks - Count the Kicks description

Counting fetal kicks (or movements) during pregnancy can be a valuable tool for monitoring the fetus's health.

Kick counting can help you be more aware of fetal movements. If you know what’s normal for the fetus, then you can more easily determine when something feels wrong. Changes in fetal movement may be an early sign of distress or can indicate a problem with the pregnancy. Once you know the fetus's activity level, you can alert your healthcare provider if changes occur.

Most pregnant people will begin feeling the fetus kick around 20 weeks into pregnancy. If it’s your first pregnancy, it might be later. If you’ve been pregnant before, you might feel the fetus kick a little sooner. Fetuses move at different times and in different ways. By the time your third trimester rolls around (28 weeks of pregnancy), you should have a general sense of the movement patterns of the fetus.

This app is not for medical use nor is it intended to replace a doctor's recommendations.If you have any questions about your prenancy, please contact your doctor for advice.
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