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Get your daily Axonify™ training directly on any Android™ tablet or smartphone.

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NOTE: to use this app you’ll need an access code provided by your employer.

The Axonify mobile app gives you convenient access to the knowledge and learning you need for peak on-the-job performance, anytime, anywhere. It allows you to complete the personalized daily training created by your organization, play games and challenge co-workers to earn points, and redeem them for cool company rewards.

The Axonify app allows learners to:
- Complete personalized daily training, play games, and earn and redeem rewards
- Quickly find job aids and resources needed to perform job duties
- View a personal report card that shows your achievements and knowledge growth over time

The Axonify app allows administrators and managers to:
- See actionable insights on employee knowledge and behaviors at the company, team, or
individual level
- Log employee behavior and workplace physical inspections that will then automatically
trigger additional training for employees
- Complete their own personal daily training

About Axonify:
Axonify is the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. It combines an award-winning approach to adaptive microlearning, with innovative knowledge-on- demand capabilities and the entire experience is gamified, driving high levels of participation. Axonify is designed to meet the modern learning needs of employees and businesses alike.

Call us today at 1-855-AXONIFY or visit www.axonify.com
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