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About this product

AutoSOS: App for quick calls & SMS alerts in emergencies sending links to a Map

AutoSOS: Automatic SOS Alarms description

• Alarming in case of emergency (via phone call and SMS with a link to Google Maps)
  - No Internet required, i.e. no need to purchase data packages for alerting
   (neither at home nor abroad).
   - Location of the mobile phone even without GPS (less accurate)
• Speed dial and alarming from the lock screen
• Alerting of incoming alarm SMS, even in silent mode
• Eases finding the mobile phone in close proximity, by making it ring through an SMS command, even in silent mode
• Facilitate the location of the mobile phone in case of theft by reporting its current position:
   - in response to a SMS command
   - when the SIM card is changed
• AutoSOS alerts when alarm SMS is received from burglar alarm systems, even if the mobile phone is muted

For this purpose AutoSOS must also be installed on the alarm receiver side.
Please note: The alarm emitter must have "Location" enabled under Android. This is the only way for apps to get access to "location sources" (GPS, cell phone masts, and WLAN). Cell phone masts and WLAN are used by AutoSOS for location if GPS reception is missing. The "Android location" is mandatory, not only for AutoSOS but for all apps that offer position finding. (See: Location / GPS And Battery Consumption With Android)

only works with Android versions < 10


The alarm can be raised:
• by clicking on the SOS button
• by pulling the earphone plug (Hint: Cut the cord of an old earphone and make a loop or knot)
• by the absence of significant motion
• by holding or clicking one of the volume buttons several times
• by pressing the power button several times
• by pressing a Flic button ➂ (to be bought separately from www.flic.io)
• by using Bluetooth remote controls
• when the battery is low of charge

Both new Flic2 and older Flic buttons are supported.

See AutoSOS - The Android Alarming App: https://www.autosos.org/p/autosos.html

See AutoSOS - PrivacyPolicy: https://www.autosos.org/p/autosos.html#PrivacyPolicy
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