AttenTrack - The Attendance Tracker APK

AttenTrack - The Attendance Tracker
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AttenTrack - The Attendance Tracker 1.8 apk, update on 2020-05-23
Track your attendance: You can just mark any class you miss and let AttenTrack take care of all the calculations and tell you how many classed you can miss and how many to attend.

Update class schedule: The easy application interface allows you to upload your semester schedule and update it when necessary.

Dark Mode: Enjoy the beautiful UI, now in dark mode.

New Semester: You can easily enter details of a new semester without any hassle.

Notification: The application allows you to enable notifications that remind you to update your attendance if you haven’t updated details for that day.

No Annoying Ads: Stay on track without the bother of pesky inline ads.

Complete Privacy: All the data is stored locally and completely safe. Nothing is uploaded to a backend.

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