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File Manager apk, update on 2019-07-24
Manage your files efficiently and easily with ASUS File Manager! ASUS File Manager helps you handle all your files whether they are stored in your device's memory, microSD card, local area network, and cloud storage accounts.
By default, ASUS File Manager allows you to copy, move, rename, delete or share files to and from any of your storages. It also lets you browse and access your files by category.
Key features
Experience and enjoy these features that ASUS Manager has to offer:
- Your light and savvy file explorer: Search, access, save, move, delete, or share files that are stored in your smart device's internal storage to or from a microSD card, LAN, or Cloud storage accounts and vice-versa.
- Access files in LAN and SMB: Manage files within your LAN (local area network) and SMB (Samba) network.
- More storage options via Cloud storages: Supports cloud storage accounts such as ASUS WebStorage, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
- Suave and smooth multimedia streamlining: Stream multimedia files such as music or videos or open documents, pictures, or photos stored in any of your Cloud storage accounts
- Save disk space by packaging files: Compress files to save space of your storage and extract compressed files in Zip and RAR formats
- Easy file browsing: Browse files easily by category right from File Manager’s home screen: images, videos, music, applications, downloaded, and favorites.
- Disk tools: Storage analyzer, recycle bin and hidden cabinet let you manage your disk easily.

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+ File Manager version (Updated: 2019-07-24 19:39:34, size: 17,516,259)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2019-07-04 22:10:18, size: 17,023,331)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2019-06-11 22:00:40, size: 14,599,482)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2019-01-01 20:59:39, size: 19,066,799)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2018-11-15 20:02:56, size: 14,635,569)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2018-11-11 16:02:53, size: 14,649,598)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2018-09-19 00:25:39, size: 14,649,598)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2018-04-29 15:00:51, size: 14,684,543)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2018-02-07 02:08:24, size: 18,522,443)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2018-02-03 00:19:49, size: 14,857,954)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2018-01-21 18:30:10, size: 14,906,734)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-12-30 02:30:17, size: 14,883,395)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-10-23 01:00:35, size: 14,694,324)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-10-20 06:00:44, size: 9,196,284)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-10-20 04:08:57, size: 10,228,155)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-10-19 15:34:12, size: 9,395,584)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-10-19 12:05:45, size: 4,111,798)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-08-24 03:04:00, size: 18,351,419)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-03-22 18:46:26, size: 19,013,495)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-02-14 07:45:43, size: 19,046,684)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2017-01-24 12:55:27, size: 17,936,240)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-11-23 16:20:37, size: 17,917,956)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-10-18 18:03:12, size: 18,096,670)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-08-29 18:36:42, size: 18,135,451)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-06-24 09:54:57, size: 18,028,557)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-04-22 05:40:33, size: 16,072,957)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-04-20 12:52:33, size: 16,015,089)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-03-05 05:11:33, size: 14,235,922)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-03-04 08:04:47, size: 14,677,321)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-02-28 12:03:14, size: 14,671,766)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-01-19 05:40:17, size: 14,235,650)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-01-13 11:37:28, size: 13,600,550)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-01-13 11:37:25, size: 13,020,569)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-01-13 11:37:22, size: 11,032,541)
+ File Manager version (Updated: 2016-01-13 11:37:20, size: 10,551,931)

File Manager APK reviews

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Favio A. Gutierrez C review Favio A. Gutierrez C
Designed for phones, works on tablets
I needed a file manager for my Google Nexus 7 (2012) tablet, for some reason after the last Android update I lost the default application, found this one and I can't stop using it
Devesh panday review Devesh panday
Recent update forced it to close.
After the latest update, whenever i click on hidden cabinet option, the app stops responding and closes itself. I love this file manager very much but this bug is forcing me to give only 3 stars. Please, fix it asap. I AM USING SAMSUNG GALAXY J7(SM-J700F).
Peter Weeds review Peter Weeds
Prior to yesterdays update everything worked fine. Now when I plug in a USB pen drive, it overlays USB drive on internal storage meaning you can't access both. Worse than that it now treats an external hdd as a memory card and the only option you have is to format it. Not good if its the place you keep all your pictures and videos! Other than that I suppose for simp!e use it is OK. Please please fix these recently introduced bugs.
Nabil Manzoor review Nabil Manzoor
As a whole it is a good app. But hidden cabinet feature is not secured. If you place a word file in it and open in another app then after closing hidden cabinet you can still open that file. That is a big big loophole.
Mukarram Afzal review Mukarram Afzal
When OTG USB Connected
The performance is slow while transfer on internal storage.
Grenville Pridham review Grenville Pridham
On Note 7 - cannot copy photos to sd card
Just emailed Support. Don't know if I failed to do something correctly, but usually copying or moving photos to sd card is straightforward and simple. Will update if support solves problem, but for now it has not been helpful
Velissarios K review Velissarios K
Too much loading everywhere..
After the fall of es I search for a good alternative. Even if this one is so slow it's still by far way ahead of the others..
John Flores review John Flores
Fast and functional.
Replaced Astro on my phone when I couldn't connect to LAN - this app did it faster!
Anderwriter review Anderwriter
Let's face it: Sooner or later, we all have to manage our files. (Well, the geekier ones of us do, at least.) So it's good to have a file manager with which we can—and you're probably way ahead of me on this—manage our files. Asus did a nice job with this straightforward, reliable bundled utility. The only quirk I noticed is that it showed my internal memory as "SD Card"—which was confusing when I wanted to see what was on my actual SD card. But the latest update fixed this. So thanks to our Taiwanese friends! ??
Rowell Euniq Dafang review Rowell Euniq Dafang
Has bug on reading otg files
As I upgrade my phone zenphone laser to marshmallow, some videos from my external flash disk can't play and a window pops up saying "can't play this link". I'm using mx player and vlc fyi. Also, the directories of my player apps don't show the directory of my external disk. pls fix this. the file manager totally works before my upgrade. Hoping for your assistance :)
Nur Syaza review Nur Syaza
Hey asus, i just update this app.. but what happen? All of my folder have 2 copy and if i delete 1 of it, it will delete both.. please fix it ASAP
Ken Ume review Ken Ume
Not bad but buggy connecting to vliud services
Tried this following ES Explorer decision to install ads. Not a bad app. Simple intuitive and easy to use but does crash on Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge whenever I try to connect to a cloud service.
Raka Surya review Raka Surya
Its good, easy to use, great UI, best system app on my zenfone so far. Still, this just need some color. I hope on next update there are not only support for theme change but also available to change color on the icon and some major text.
Sajeev Krishnankutty review Sajeev Krishnankutty
I love this file my ZenFone 5 .. one issue I found select all option is missing which the previous version was having.
HaFiZ review HaFiZ
Dark mode feature is so kakkoui as well as the hidden cabinet , we can save our things for academic purpose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)