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AppForType 1.1.5 apk, update on 2017-10-05
What day is it today? It's the best one! Morning coffee, sunlight in the cup, recently read book, notes from the Paris trip, jogging in the forest, favorite dress on the hanger, night out with your friends in the restaurant and sunset reflection in the sea. Every moment, every picture - is your personal story, unknown quote of your life. Choose your filter, pick your title and post it out.

AppForType is:
- 1'000'000 installs on two platforms
- 33 sets containing 700 titles
- set of titles FOR MAKERS, for those who lead
project on Instagram
- intuitive user-friendly interface
- “Eraser” tool, which can hide part of a title
- WEDDING set, if you are shooting weddings

Artists from the USA, Canada and Russia cooperate with AppForType and expand collection of titles and fonts. To get inspiration and new ideas follow our profile on instagram @appfortype, and also post pictures with #appfortype hashtag. For feedback and suggestions please contact us on [email protected]

Sets available in the application shop: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Hello Spring, For Moms, Wedding, Motivation, Sport, Morning, Girl Power, Let’s Celebrate, For Makers, Cities, Brushes, Tea Time, Travel, Happy Monday, Coffee, Saint Petersburg, Cities of Russia, Unicorn, Love, Meow, Dream, Food is Love, Start Now, Home Sweet Home, Happy St Valentine, Happy 2017, Yoga, Experiments

AppForType APK reviews

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T Durden review T Durden
U need to TELL PEOPLE they can't type their own text. If they know this up front & still want the app, I'd say "Really cute! 5 Stars." But as is..."Big disappointment. 2 Stars." Just fix the description, cause it's seriously a very nice, well done, attractive app, for what it actually does. I feel bad giving 2 stars. But read the reviews; Everybody thinks it's something else then they are disappointed.
VeryImportantPony review VeryImportantPony
The app is great except for the fact options of free quotes is limited and it is a massive shame that you cannot type your own quotes. The app would be 10 times better if you could type and edit your own text, as well as save the quotes to use again, and have more preset quotes to download as there is not enough range from the current ones. More could certain be added either within the current ones or new packs created. You could also add and effects mode for the text so like gradients, blur tool or glow tools. Also the picture in the header is a miss representation of what quotes the app actually has.
Michelle Barquilla review Michelle Barquilla
I really do like it. But why can't I type my own words? Can you please do something about it? This app is wonderfull really, but I also want you to add some features like allowing us to write down our own words ☺
Natasha Yanoushkevich review Natasha Yanoushkevich
Долгожданная андроид-версия одного из самых классных приложений. Спасибо!
Rustam Rafikov review Rustam Rafikov
Очень крутое приложение, которое преображает и дополняет любые фотографии! Наконец-то появилась версия для андроид, рекомендую.
saeed raza review saeed raza
The app is amazing i really like it.. But there is only one that you need to do ...make an option so we can write text in our own words plese really need this feature
AppForType is amazing. I super loved it! Good quality of fonts and lovely letterings. But I suggest that you should let us or atleast give us an option to write what's on our mind. :)
The fonts are great. But even though i save it on the app my gallary doesn't show the saved photo. Can you fix it? And we write quotes by yourself?
Jeya Jeyy review Jeya Jeyy
I love this app, i've been using it since I installed it but please give us freedom to write what's on our mind. Please!
Aaditya Deshmukh review Aaditya Deshmukh
No personalised text. Predefined text cannot be relevant in every situation, right?
praveen2887 review praveen2887
This app is great but you should let us edit our own text
TMAG ._. review TMAG ._.
Look, I only gave this app another star just because I really wanted to use it for the font that was shown in the pictures. I didn't really care of the last reviews, I just hopes it wouldn't be that bad. But it is. If you can fox the bugs, I'll be sure to use it. It doesn't let me type the font, and I'm really dissatisfied and disappointed right now
litmibimi review litmibimi
Its nice but very limited. A few freebies but the paid option also has prefixed stamps. Not much of a customisation tool but just a decorative one.
Amal Barman review Amal Barman
It's look good but one condition.we can not understand how to used this . please upload a YouTube video
Anika TahsinPrioty review Anika TahsinPrioty
This app is cool and the fonts are amazing but I wish we could write our own message. Downloaded it for that purpose only.