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Angry Birds Star Wars II Free 1.9.25 apk, update on 2018-08-27
The Force is strong with this one. Get ready for Angry Birds Star Wars II – the epic follow-up to the #1 smash hit game! Based on the Star Wars movie prequels, use the Force for good against the greedy Pork Federation or choose a much darker path. That’s right; for the first time ever you can “Join the Pork Side” and play as the fearsome Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine and many other favorites!

JOIN THE PORK SIDE! For the first time ever play as the pigs! Wield Darth Maul’s double-bladed Lightsaber, or play as Darth Vader, General Grievous and other villains!

30+ PLAYABLE CHARACTERS! Our biggest line-up ever of playable characters – Yoda, pod-racing Anakin, Mace Windu, Jango Fett and many more!

TELEPODS! A groundbreaking new way to play! Now teleport your favorite characters into the game by placing your Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods* figures on your device’s camera!

BECOME A JEDI OR SITH MASTER! So many Bird and Pork Side levels to master, plus a bonus reward chapter and a ton of achievements to unlock!

SWAP CHARACTERS AS YOU PLAY! Switch characters in the slingshot at any time – yours to earn or purchase!

ToonsTV READY TO GO! The home of the hugely popular Angry Birds Toons animated series, plus many other top-quality videos!

Angry Birds Star Wars II also supports tablet devices, so you can unleash the Force on the big screen. May the birds be with you!

This free version of Angry Birds Star Wars II is ad-supported.

*Availability varies by country. Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods sold separately and are compatible with select mobile devices.

Important Message for Parents

This game may include:
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.

Angry Birds Star Wars II Free APK reviews

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Andrew Beck review Andrew Beck
Everything about this game is great except. Omg there are way too many ads and they show up at the worst times. I would pay money not to see commercials every 2 minutes and that is not an exaggeration it is every 2 to 3 mins even if you are in the middle of a level. I have played a lot of games and always have ads but this one has way too many.
Dee Stylez review Dee Stylez
The video Ads interrupt the game play way too often. Such a shame. Great game, but way too many video Ad interruptions. I would pay just not to be interrupted by the same video Ad every time I try to throw a bird, on the same board, every turn, each bird... smh...
Olly Stuff review Olly Stuff
To all you people complaining 'oh there really too many ads'. You can turn off your WiFi or data. And unless you want to pay for the game, deal with it. Great game anyways
NFS review NFS
One thing that I hate about this Every damn time I start a mission, an ad INSTANTLY pops up and when I close it, THE GAME FORCE QUITS and that PISSES me off! But everything else is awesome
erin gurrier review erin gurrier
One level keeps freezing
My 4 year old son loves this game! But our only complaint, 5.Revenge of the Pork the light side level 13 keeps freezing while playing it, and then we have to close out and stay the game over. All the other ones work fine with no problems, but that one for some reason won't. Please fix it!
Rithesh Thodupunuri review Rithesh Thodupunuri
The game is super, excellent. But i am feeling for that there's no big war like 'all birds will gather & fights with all enemies'. It was there only in Angry birds star wars 1. Finally I am waiting for star wars 3.
Chanel Aerielle review Chanel Aerielle
Freaking awesome game.
I just wish you could win real prizes like gift cards and gadgets!! That way it would no longer be in the time waster category. It would have useful benefit, especially since I'm guilty of spending real money on power ups and whatnot. Its kind of depressing knowing I spent so much energy on mear virtual rewards. I would love some physical incentives.
Mj Heekin review Mj Heekin
So many ads it makes the game not even close to enjoyable. I liked it, so I bought the paid version but then none of my progress carried over. Rovio makes support such a pain I just deleted/refunded the paid version and Ill just deal with the free version until Im annoyed, then Ill probably delete that too.
David Wolfs review David Wolfs
So many ads so frequently this game is virtually not playable. 15 seconds of game play for a 30 second commercial. Every time, and don't even think about replaying a level because you will get another advertisement.
A Google user review A Google user
I lpve it for those who hate the ads just skip it! For those who like it and dont hate the ads im telling you that you are awsome i like it and for those who like the game again spam the haters DAB ON EM HATERS! And rovio keep up the gooe work my guy. And for those lpvers pf this game again put unhelpful on their comment and KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS!!. And rovio again keep up the good work
Denny De Lioncourt review Denny De Lioncourt
Between love and hate
I love this game! What I dislike is, some scene has got too big scores to get, hardly get 3 stars. Also, I hate when the Jedi (old green) meet a laser from the enemy, GAME SUDDENLY AND ALWAYS CRASHED!!!
Matt Mosher review Matt Mosher
The rediculous number of ads has ruined this game. Way way way to many ads. Shame on you Rovio. I know your stock price tanked but this definitely won't help it. Not worth playing. Great work ruining a good game.
damien nyack review damien nyack
Good game severely let down by excessive ads
The game is fun and challenging and fairly well put together. Still has issues with firing when still aiming and the camera finding its position. The game is really let down by excessive ads which leave you watching ads for as much time as you spend playing the game which is unacceptable. I would pay for the full version to escape them but the paid version also has in game ads so Rovio can line its pockets in as many ways possible at the cost of ruining your game experience, shame on you developer!
daring dolphin review daring dolphin
Garbage I've never known a game to advertise so much 4 times in 1 little level its insane! Don't waste your time people you spend more time watching adverts rather than playing the game!
Bj Brechbiel review Bj Brechbiel
Can u add force awakens and rouge one and power ups. 3/27/2018 you stole my account and now all you coins are at zero u stole my money if You don't give it back I'm calling the police!!!!!!!